Thursday, November 08, 2007

surrogate husband

Michael's friend Bart is staying with us through the rest of the week. He is in his words my surrogate husband of the week. He is staying at my house soaking up alcohol and cable television. He is providing conversation in the evenings and I think there is a possibility that he even cleaned up a little. Granted there are only few Michael's in the world who will do dishes and laundry but, having conversation in the evenings while Michael is busy working 2-3 jobs and driving all over Los Angeles is preferable to drinking wine by myself, while perseverating on the overall suckiness of my job and its possible legal entanglements. And see this is it I posted again in November.
Tomorrow is a field trip. My first at this school. I would be nervous about this but this day was so stressful and this week was so stressful I feel nothing can top that. I might even convince Bart to chaperone. Wish me luck.

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Amy said...

Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis? Really?