Thursday, June 30, 2005

illustration friday


if I move to New York next year, this is what I will be eating instead of hoagies.

angry kind of day

I am tired of everything today including:
  • the post office clerk that look past me and speed speaks my shipping options. Like I have any idea what the difference is between parcel post and mumbledy mumble post. Waiting for my receipt to print he sighs like it is too much to be sitting by himself in an air conditioned post office on a 92 degree afternoon. His fat ass needs to get a walking route, Newman.
  • the clerk in the next store I go to whose response to "do you carry phone cards?" is "What kind of phone card" me "I don't know what kind of phone card is there?" (the kind you use to make a call? maybe) him "over there." he gestures, they are on the display less than 3 feet behind me and yes there are wireless and regular cards but ALL of the phone cards are on the same display...Why not just tell me where the phone cards are?
  • listening to my coworkers health problems like I care. I don't (at least I don't care to hear it before I log in and check my email in the morning) please call a physician, what? Your chiropractor told you it might be deadly mold in the work place?, still call a general practitioner. Tell him or her your symptoms, see what they can do for you. Or go home that's fine too.
I know all the bad stuff about blogging about coworkers blah blah blah, but this job is not exactly a resume builder, more a vehicle to keep me in food and shelter until I can finish the degree. 5 more weeks of work. 4 more weeks til Michael returns.
  • I really hate that blogger spell check does not know or recognize blog blogger or blogging. All of its own stupid made up words anyway.
  • I don't know what is up with the links I think I have Seinfeld on the Brain, I don't even know if anyone will get some of them but I just can't get the Kramer moviefone voice out of my head "Why don't you just tell me....

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

not getting it done

Whatever it is, is not happening. I am somehow only working 5 hours a day and yet not doing much of anything when I get home. I play on the internet, sort of glance at my piles of library books and cook some but all of the visions of my summer are disappearing. In the air conditioning of apartment I am doing more napping than organizing and more lounging than creative projects. I need to figure out how to get some motivation or how to schedule myself silly like I do during the school year, because all this free time is just not doing it for me. Lists! That's what I need lists. Tomorrow I will start with a list and if it is anything like the ones I do during school, I will promptly lose it and complete only about half the items in the time I expect. But half is still more than none.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

too late

I was too late with my black and white drawing to put my link on illustration friday. too bad, I will try again this week. Maybe this week I will pull things together and have a better sense of what day of the week it is and what I need to accomplish. Wow, that last sentence makes it sound like I have a life, when really by accomplish I mean things like make the bed, unload the dishwasher, eat breakfast before leaving on time to go to my part time job. That is pretty pathetic.
Last night I went to Habenero's with Caitlin and Nora, even though my kitchen is bursting with fresh produce. I bought too much fresh food for just me and now it is just mocking me from the kitchen as it gets more and more ripe. I think maybe I will be able to eat it all but I really need to stop going out and start cooking. I think maybe fresh fruit and yogurt and granola for breakfast. That of course means I am not having cereal and not using milk which will of course go bad. Why don't they sell thing in smaller sizes. Wait that's not true they did have a smaller milk but it wasn't the super skim fortified with A and B vitamins that says Tastes's like 2% on the side. I often wonder if I am really eating healthy or just attracted by words like organic twice and much money, buy me I am fortified (whatever that means). Now I am going to go eat, or clip my stupid fingernails because they are too long and they are clicking annoyingly on the keyboard making my typing all wonky.
oh and check out my xanga I will be adding the books and movies of the summer soon.

Friday, June 24, 2005

no shades of gray

no shades of gray

for illustration friday

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

not that it really matters but...

3 A's, one P, and a B in my class with the professor I would like to never see again. Unfortunately, I have to take another class with him this fall.

the boring vacation recap:
(I'm still of the mindset that if I was not lounging on the beach for several days it can't really be called a vacation)
I spent last week at my parents house not really sleeping in, but definitely doing lots of nothing, watching Discovery Health and TLC and the other high up cable channels I don't get in Cincinnati. I got to see Jaime and a little bit of Beth. Jaime made me the so many cool CD's and that made the drive back yesterday so much cooler. I had time to play with my adorable, pudgy nephew who will be one next month. He is so good and so funny. He is crawling now and is such a people person that if you leave the room he will follow you. I spent a day with my Dad at the Brandywine River Museum and we did a wine tasting at the Chaddsford Winery. I had a wonderful dinner with Angelique's family. It was a relaxing vacation, but the nine hour drive back hasn't knocked me out. Now I need to pull myself back together so I can get things done this summer. The first thing is to unpack my suitcase that is filled with clean clothes. Sad isn't it...the level of my laziness. Well if nothing else I have plenty of time.
I hope, in time, my motivation and writing skills will recover to at least a mediocre level.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

finals done, countdown to roadtrip

I haven't been posting because finals week, and the week before, really make me feel like my head is going to explode. Then I write a lot of papers and I realize they don't all need to be fully comprehensive in all areas, as that would be impossible. Then I think I did them all completely wrong. Then I check my grades online compulsively for the next two weeks.
Its exciting to be me.
After work today, I am walking to campus to turn in my last exam (a take home that good or bad, is he expecting my essays to be fully completed with thesis statements? oops.)
Tonight I am preparing to go to Pennsylvania for a week.
Goodbye wireless internet, I will miss you, but really me and the internet need a little separation time so I can get back to reading real books.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

this weekend

has been:
sad ridiculousness over stupid ass professors and big projects
greasy chinese food and beers in the sound booth with lots of composers and a pianist
sheherizade and cello choir followed by more beers or wine on quinn's porch with silly shloppy undergrads
inn the wood for the last potato crisp
art store sidewalk sales to peruse
lots of stress over stupid school work followed by inexplicable calmness (as the work has yet to be completed)
mari's birthday with fun acquaintances and very cute yellow lab and tasty summer salads
julianna's party with ellis' dixie land band
now some sleep and tomorrow more school work
three projects left and only one more horrific class and all will be well.