Sunday, November 11, 2007

Korean barbeque

Last night Michael finally had the opportunity to go out for Korean barbeque with Bart, Ben and me. Finally because he has been dying to eat this barbeque since we moved in the apartment in Koreatown last July. You can't walk to the end of the block without passing 3 bbq restaurants (well that and 3 Salvadorean restuarants and 2 taco trucks, but the point is meat.) Michael has been desperate to spend an evening cooking and eating all you can eat meat. This is not my idea of a great time at a restaurant with the just the two of us. So it was perfect to go with the boys to help plow through the platter of meat, and then the unfortunate second platter of meat. For the second platter, I actually had enough soju and an overly full stomach so I did the cooking, yay me! The service was all in Korean and we had Ben who knew to order the A platter sans tongue, thus we avoided the tripe and other intestinal goodies. Except then we met Susan the Korean mommy type from the table next to us. She adopted us for the evening and made sure the waiter kept our barbeque clean so we weren't completely smoked out. Then she ordered us an even tastier bottle of soju. Then she ordered us soup (that I know was full of questionable meat products and yet with a belly of other meat, kimchi and soju I ate the spicy yummy soup and tried not to think about questionable meat content.) Susan was incredibly sweet and told us about her daughter's English husband and ordered more and more food for us "I pay, I pay!". All around a good evening. We went, we ate, we came home and some of us showered to remove the meat smell from our clothes and hair. Others sat and basked in the continued smell of meat. A bunch of the other boys came over for beer and Back to the Future watching. It was a great Saturday.

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