Monday, November 05, 2007

Monday Monday

Today it was incredibly difficult to get out of bed. Then I remembered that I forgot to adjust my alarm clock an hour back. Not much, but a little bit easier.
Last night, the boys came over and cooked me dinner. They are the best. I was dragging from the winey brunch and I guess just life in general, but managed to sip some more wine and eat hummus and very spicy avocado and brie and other yummy munchy things. All around an ideal Nancy dinner involving sitting around and talking with friends, good music and picky food all laid out on the coffee table. RT got me Mylittlepony plates and b-day sign and those funky non-noisy making party favors of the expanding paper variety. He planned to get me my little ponies too, to play with. I don't think I have every had one. too girly. and now remembering television commericials of the 80's "and you can even brush her hair.." still so sweet and birthday like. I am still getting birthday presents and that is nice.
This post is very very boring.

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Angelique said...

Happy Tuesday of your birthday week! The celebrating should continue all week long.