Friday, November 09, 2007

good reads, or not

If you look to the right you will see the horribly adjusted frame or some such old website patheticness that shows the books I have been reading. My current listed and listed for way too long is the Anthony Keidis bio or autiobio Scartissue. This post is only here to explain why. This summer I had free tickets to a concert festival in Indio. I went without Michael and bought him this book in the tent city Virgin store. It made sense at the time. He loves biographies, he loves music, and in high school or for baby him possibly in middle school, he loved the Chili Peppers. He read it and said it was okay, possibly to make me feel good for purchasing said book. I was desperate recently and found no other unread non school related books in the house.
This book is ridiculously awful. In the same way that reality tv from E! is awful and yet I still watch it. Anthony Keidis is every guy I hated in high school. So me, I'll continue reading because I cannot stop. But that book is lame. For the record.

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