Saturday, November 03, 2007

Day 3 still going

I know that unless you know me this is very difficult to read. I am a haphazard editor at best and I rarely use correct punctuation to get my point across. Early on, my sister said reading this made her feel like she was back in our shared bedroom and could reach out her hand across the foot of space between our twin beds to touch me. I like that, so I am saving my editing for my professional writing: grants, papers and IEPs (Individualized Education Programs). It is 7:52am and I feel that the sound of my typing probably sounds like a herd of elephants to the very sleep deprived Michael. He found a beautiful hotel for us to stay for my birthday and then in typical fashion worked overnight writing music and then stayed up all the next day to get things prepared to go. (things being clean kitchen, laundry, car washed, oil changed, suspected birthday present buying) I am a very lucky person. So instead of taking photos of this beautiful room I will stop typing now and let him sleep.

wait wait I still have some photos on my computer from the great external hard drive move of '07
Here is a picture of Michael and his friend Bart at our old place in Cincinnati. I think I have seen this one in an email somewhere titled bedroom eyes.

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