Thursday, June 12, 2008

wine country

For Christmas, Michael gave me a trip to Santa Barbara, a wine tour and a full body massage. It was fabulous. Currently, life is craptastic, so in lieu of writing damning information about school systems in California, and lying liars and the lies they tell that screw with the education of incredibly cute children with special needs. I will let you know about a stellar couple Michael ran into in the hotel lobby while I was receiving my very first massage. I am 31.
Michael and I meet up and he mentions that he ran into a couple in our hotel lobby. While waiting to check in he overheard this couple asking questions of the hotel staff. The questions?
In the beautiful tiny little Scandinavian, quilt store and wine room town of Solvang.
They ask the staff where is the nearest El Pollo Loco telling the hotel receptionist that the only thing they miss about soCal is El Pollo Loco. Yeah I am sure Brad misses it too.
Then the couple want to know where is the nearest Starbucks.
The staff say there is a coffee shop they can walk to, but this is unacceptable to bland chain restaurant couple who only drink Starbucks. The poor hotel staff say that they know there is a Starbucks in Santa Barbara, and maybe one in another town nearby .

Why do people like this travel?

5 more days of heinous school left

Cross your fingers that I can avoid conflict and find a position with a less insane school system before July. That would feel really good. The parents are arriving for their first visit on Thursday. Having a new job and a clean apartment then would also be a good move. One out of two will be acceptable.