Thursday, March 30, 2006


So the news is, Michael got accepted to USC for a graduate certificate in film and television scoring. We are going to try to move to LA in July. I have so much to think about and do that I can't really think of how to start writing about it. So if you have any questions, ask me. Maybe that will get me going.

--also I really will be getting photos off my camera soon and posting some. I love my huge memory card but it makes me so lazy. I know I have about 6 short movies on there, along with hundreds of photos.

Friday, March 24, 2006

we interrupt your regularly scheduled program for...

As an avid reader of my blog you may remember this post about how WCPO can suck it.
Today (again) I realize I need to leave the fine city of Cincinnati* as they interrupt my Friday television with a special news report BREAKING NEWS ( I think, who got shot?** is it near my house? like a couple blocks away?) NO! but UC has named a new basketball coach. wow. That was exciting. Definitely worth interrupting the regular programming. ***

* does the sarcasm shine through here? Do I need to italicize or faux air quote?
**the only shooting they talked about was the cross town shootout. New coach guy has never missed one. Good to hear it new coach guy.
*** also a reason why I was happy to watch Duke go down earlier this week. I get irritated by basketball obsessed universities.

Now I must go, and watch Oprah teach me how to get out of debt. And exclaim over a teenager that owns 25 VS bras. Oprah says "almost more...I mean...almost as many as I own." How is it we can take this woman seriously about debt reduction. Did you see the show where people came and shopped in her closet rejects and she gave the money to charity? When I bring my closet rejects to the Goodwill I drive away fast so I can't see them throw my stuff away.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

some things (really a lot of nonsense)

I have a pen on the top of my refrigerator it is turquoise with pink writing that says Kathleen on the side. I remember this pen from my parents house so I have no idea what the half life is of a pen but I have a feeling it may have been picked up from one of my sister's elementary school classmates. weird. I wonder if it will be working when the new Kathleen learns how to write.

I have this annoying cough. It doesn't bother me as much as it bothers all those around me (=Michael) He slept on the futon last night (around 4:30am) and didn't even bother to fold it down into an actual bed. This is too bad because it is the most uncomfortable couch like thing on the planet, but as a bed it is not to horrible.

The cough is the dry hacking desperate kind and the worst part is I have no control over it. I am the irritating person that is in every theater and quiet lecture. Any ideas on how to get rid of this more quickly? I don't really feel like taking a 'tussin type cough suppressant, they just make my cough more weak and pathetic and useless, while making my eyes water.

Michael and I just got back from a mega-store in Kentucky called the Party Source. This is a great place full of very cheap wine. I didn't get past aisle 4 or 5 because we only had about 10 minutes to do all our shopping. I hate that kind of shopping, especially in a place with so much wine to explore.

Alas, he had to meet a guy about a job (sounds illicit in a mobster sort of way, but isn't) Do you think mobsters meet in bookstore coffee shops? If they do I wonder if they have the same volume control issues that this guy had? I was standing about 20 feet away looking at magazines and I could hear this guy (the loud talker) telling Michael he needed a fax number and could he have it now or get it later and on Monday after the other meeting Michael would need to start checking his voice mail every 3-4 hours and expecting faxes... I hate these types of people (I hate people that tell me what I need to do --like check my own voicemail--hence uncollaborative) but luckily Michael thinks he is funny (in an amusing from a distance sort of way) Michael said "This guy is a caricature of himself."
So can you imagine some Sopranos-esque dialogue in a bookstore coffee shop? Because this guy has used the phrase bada bing, and not in an ironic sort of way.

While we were at the bookstore I used some kumquat/lime hand lotion. It sounds nice but I can't really smell it so I tried to just pick one that seemed good so I bypassed the rose (bleh flowery). I feel the same way about perfume and food lately, ambivalent. I put on perfume in the mornings but I don't know why. And I am really not into food (like I have been nuking lean pockets for dinner, ew). This is really weird for me. I just don't feel like cooking. I made some chicken soup the other day with vegetables and acine di pepe. I had Michael taste it because I thought I might have added too much water and for me it was just hot liquid. He said it was good, so I sprinkled the top with cayenne pepper before I ate it. Then I burned my tongue on it.

Last night and this morning I cleaned the apartment. Michael says it smells clean now. Again more about this vital sense that I have been without for a week. I am happy because now I can walk around the kitchen in my socks and I don't get stuck to the floor.(no really it wasn't that bad--well maybe near the fridge). I also organized all my books and things so that makes me feel better. It goes with this book I read about the home environments affect on your general well being. I will post about it in my xanga when I get a chance.

This coming week is my Spring Break from the University but not from my school where I teach. So I still need to get up early in the mornings but I don't have to go to class at night. This is really lame. I thought the good thing about being a student was vacations like Spring Break that don't exist in the real world. Now I am always working or at my internship regardless of school vacations. This self supporting stuff is nonsense.

Thursday, March 16, 2006


I have a new niece, Kathleen Patricia! I wish I could go see her but for once it is good that I live in Ohio, because I am dying of some mucousy illness that I just can't shake. Spring Break is next week, so maybe I will finally take some time to get some photos off my camera and on here.

Friday, March 03, 2006


Here are the places I have been to in the U.S. I know that I have probably driven through parts of Georgia, Maine, and Connecticut but I didn't include them because I couldn't think of anything in particular about those states other than similar stretches of highway. I mean does it count to have been there if you didn't even stop?

You can create your own visited states map or if you are cooler than me you can do one for the whole world

I would do the world map too but that is just too pathetic. U.S., Canada, Germany, that is all.