Wednesday, November 07, 2007

More obvious reasons why I shouldn't post daily

Today (in bullets):
  • another horrific day at school 2 assistants out, no calls back from administration, lots of children testing limits due to changes, one incredibly useless sub assistant
alright that was harsh-the day was tough but not horrific, some minor injuries but everyone went home intact (I think), the new assistant was young and followed direct instruction so in many ways had use

  • getting back 90% of my Friday field trip permission slips
  • PTA babysitting
  • dinner in Pasadena with Bill (mmmm, mini sliders and beer, I needed comfort food)
  • successfully picking up Bart from Union station in one of those amazing pick-ups where you pull up at the curb and the person walks out of the terminal at the exact same time, then you see the person before you can even hit their number on your speed dial. It is the best

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