Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I am a burrito

Had burritos last night for dinner, this afternoon for lunch and now as I sit in my house and think about what I could eat for dinner, I have come to the conclusion that the only fast thing is a burrito. At least I know that tomorrow I am going out for Thai with Ryland. Until then I need to think of something non-burrito like for lunch tomorrow. Any suggestions are appreciated keeping in mind that my refrigerator only contains burrito fixings, spinach, lettuce, and condiments. I think I see a spinach salad in my future.
While I was finishing up at work today I thought of something from work that could have become a blog post. Unfortunately for you as you read about burritos you will recognize that if it is not written down immediately it leaves my brain. Maybe if the burrito aids my brain in the thinking I will write about it later.

Oh and this is my brain on burritos or actually some of me practicing with the pencil/brush tool in illustrator with my touch pad.

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Angelique said...

very cool.