Wednesday, November 21, 2007

the little things

me kids colds tea
I have a cold and I cannot explain how good it feels to go to bed at 9pm and just sleep. I never do that and last night was the second day in a row. Added to that is the feeling I had yesterday and today when I know I don't need to greet eleven 5 and 6 year olds in an hour and a half. 5 and 6 year olds that may be feeling tantrummy, or bitey, or runny nosed, or just plain runny. And I may be the only person greeting them while I wait to see if my district has deemed me worthy of a substitute classroom assistant for the day. Wait, stop I am not supposed to be whining about work here. Its not professional. Instead I was going to proclaim my happiness of this morning and last while I enjoyed my hot tea and buttery toast knowing that if I don't leave my house at 7am I am still good, no running around or crazy phone calls to make.
Last night it dawned on me that I have been assigned the turkey in our potluck style Thanksgiving feast. Well that is not entirely accurate. I said fine, sounds good, last Wednesday when RT said "You've made turkey before, it was good, how about making the turkey" then I said "sure" and we commenced stuffing ourselves with wontons and fried tofu. Then on Saturday I bought two turkeys. One big one for now and a little one for later. But I didn't actually think about it until last night. At which time I had a brief moment of holy hell, I am making the main ingredient and I better not screw it up. Then my gnat sized brain started thinking about something else. Or as Mir would say I saw something shiny and was immediately distracted. I did call Jerome who saved me last Spring when the water department decided to turn off my water just when my guests were arriving for dinner. When I had not yet made gravy. And I ran into the bathroom to see if the kitchen sink was broken or if I could get bathroom sink water only to discover that the water was turned off and have the bathroom light burn out. Keep in mind I have 10 foot ceilings. I have no ladder, I have no replacement fluorescent bulb. I have friends calling my phone to say they have arrived and did I know there was a water main break in front of my house. Oh yes the water department folk I called told me this when I called to tell them to come help. There was already a crew outside. There is a strong chance this story has already been told on this site. Well it is 7am. And the point is, it can't be that bad. Jerome made the gravy with the vitamin rich potato water I had the beautiful mom habit of setting aside. It was good. I'll let you know about Thursday. I hope the turkey is defrosted. I keep my refrigerator way too cold.

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