Wednesday, November 21, 2007

pre turkey madness

Tonight Michael and I went to the grocery store for our last minute list (which qualifies differently than tomorrows last minute list, which includes all of the things I realize I needed when I got home from the first trip).
We walked into the store and headed to the spice aisle. As we neared the turkeys the grocery store traffic started looking like the freeway traffic (see look at that east coast people I just used the word freeway, in a sentence). There was a pile up of turkeys on the 10 and 3 carts idly maneuvering around as they rubbernecked the turkey carcasses. Michael and I were cartless. Soon we were stuck with 3-5 carts in front at interlocking angles. A meat/turkey guy unloading carcasses into the freezer and 3 interlocking angled carts behind us. Michael with his newly cut mohawk threw up his hands when I denied his escape path and tried to continue maneuvering towards spices. Onlookers tilted their heads and creased their eyebrows to try to understand the AH AH AH noises he emanated as he u-turned towards ethnic foods. I took Michael's first escape route back towards red meat and sausage. We both spent about 10 minutes shopping at opposite ends of the store with out looking for one another. Then we met spontaneously up front by an empty register. Michael had held the list. The damage? NONE. I got poultry seasoning, thyme, fresh parsley, replacement fake swiffer dust clothes, and 3 bottles of white wine
Michael got milk, seltzer, 4 gatorades, and 1 bottle of white, 2 bottles of red
Well hmmm 3 extra bottles of wine as our only double purchase. I don't think that is a mistake I think it is a blessing.

Now. stuffing is made and baking, green bean casserole is made. We are ready to go.

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Kate said...

Aside from the 10,000 people with absolutley no manners at the grocery store... not a can of cream of mushroom soup to be found. Not even a dented one with a ripped label... AHA! They are only out of the 98% Fat Free soup. The suburbanites can only eat "healthy" green bean casserole. Thanks but I'll take my green bean casserole in all its fatty creamy mushroomy goodness