Thursday, March 31, 2005

personal soundtrack continues

"she drives me crazy ha no one else ha ha...."
so I finally had the opportunity to meet with my prof today and argue about the ridiculousness of her giving me a C+ ahg! and I am so cool calm and collected that as the tension escalated and I was not getting through to her I realized I was going to be late for my other class, and that I was about to burst into tears and I told her as I left the office that hers was "the worst class I have ever taken and I would have learned more if I just read the book" I am so mature. so then I raced of to class, first trying to stop in the ladies room for a quick cry or at least to spash some cold water on my face and the closest restroom to my class was locked (what is up with that! who locks a public restroom what is happening are homeless people sleeping in there? I wouldn't mind if they just kept it unlocked) so instead I just go to class late (so not me) while in class trying to bite back more tears and writing the word angry over and over again on a scrap piece of paper my new prof calls on me first to tell the rest of the class about myself. When everyone finishes the intros he points out, that it is nice to have two students in the class not from a UC undergrad. The other student went to tufts and harvard (I went Bloomsburg, a small state school in pennsylvania). Then later my phone rings (oops forgot to turn it off on the rush into class) Finally, he calls on me again calling me Bloomsburg because he can't find his class list and asks me where the garden of eden was located...if I had any brains left at this point I would have told him that the point is moot as the garden of eden is a myth and if you would like me to guess on the origins of man I can do so but I do not believe in the Christian ethos of such. Instead I shrug and my brain starts singing Babylon...I am so sped. and who needs an IPOD with this personal soundtrack.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005


thank you kate for the wonderful time in Louisville. I saw five plays this weekend....had more culture and beer and wine than I have all year. do y'all know that bars in louisville are open til 4am. (yep now I am saying y'all surely that is what living in the south and then a getting a little too close to kentucky can do to you.)

other stuff:
school started back up yesterday but I dropped my monday class due to mental overload. something about dr's appt, hangover residue, rain and cold, reaffirming my lovely C+ is the "correct grade", finding out from my oh so thorough doctor that my thyroid seems enlarged and being told that I am awfully moley and should visit a dermatologist, coming home and being unable to use my keys to open the outside door to the apartment, standing in the rain, feeling like a moron for not being able to use my keys in the door --but dude they worked yesterday...little bit too long of a day for me.
so today I am looking better (I guess), feeling better, aware that there are problems with the profs in my department that I will just have to deal with for another year, aware -thanks to deborah-that my thorough dr.-should not be writing me prescriptions for medication but should instead be asking me to return for tests and should be recommending me to an endocrinologist if it is really something to worry about, further realizing that if she spent more than 5 minutes shooting questions in my direction she would understand that most of my thyroid symptoms are the symptoms of my life....and equal to stress and 2 days of continuous drinking in luaville. la la la....are you still reading, don't you wish I typed slower and used punctuation more. no really love it.
I am pretty sure that my advisor, when speaking about health issues in sped, used the word depository when he meant to say suppository. don't want to know where he does his banking.

talk to you soon, will try to use more punctuation then.

Friday, March 25, 2005

if you are interested

all of my other grades are in.
all A's
and one
starting to feel more crazy now.
making jokes about, but truthfully thinking that, maybe I handed in the wrong paper, or maybe I handed in my paper with a couple pages torn off the back. hmmm.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

for Nora on why I won't be attending the Ludlow Pinot tasting...

because you asked amy and because it made you is some for posterity
you know, I liked Sideways but when you mention that story, I think
I'll need to avoid wine tastings for a while. Kind of like after that
episode of Seinfeld, when you were waiting at the movies, everyone was
saying, "No this is this ticket HOLDER'S line." Apparently, the
movie has done a lot for Pinot Noir, and at first I didn't like that I
would look trendy when ordering it, as I have been rocking the pinot
for years. But now I'm just happy because I can get pinot by the
glass everywhere. I know that was really interesting.

I feel the same about the Pinot. and I am indebted to you for
introducing me to it
the pretention gets old especially cause michael likes table red wine
and if given the choice buys carlo rossi piasano by the jug. so it is annoying
to hear people say things like "oh that place only had table wine."
dude a cheap red is great for a big spaghetti dinner. better than
wasting a tasty red with ragu when it can of course be enjoyed more
with some chex mix and bad tv.

and so ...I am indebted to amy for the pinot noir, her to me for the red zin, me to uncle bob and my dad for the red zin...which makes me remember the first time I tried it after a holiday meal, my dad kept saying "do you want to try some zinfindel?" and I kept saying "no, gross, what is wrong with you" the men insisted it was wonderful...I had no idea there was a red zinfindel and I thought if these two crazy men kept trying to force pink wine on me because I was a girl I was going to get really pissed. then I realized....RED zinfindel....what a wonderful thing. this wine packs a punch, it beats up your mouth. yum

so amy did you ever try the little penguin? so cheap and so tasty.
and nora, wine tastings ...we should do one with the wine at my house right now...that way we can polish off the bottles we like in the name of tasting with no need to swirl and spit.

more momism (on a better note)

what is a better note? is it sweeter sounding?

anyway here are the good things.
two other grades I have so far ...both A's...thought they were going to be A minuses so that is cool

HIGHLY exciting news. Michael got accepted to the Aspen Music Festival for film scoring. this is awesome. They only invite 6 students. Unfortunately he did not receive a scholarship so we need to do some creative banking to make it happen. Fear not it will happen.

Due to the impeding film scoring extravaganza Michael is thinking of switching to Mac (woo hoo) also highly expensive but so much fun...more new geeky stuff)

Final momism for the day. (you may not realize but most words that come out of my mouth are really my mothers and that is what prompted these titles so...) "the more you do the more you wanna do" I am living testimony to this as I am doing nothing but sitting my futon and contemplating drinking away my C+. But really it is true. tonight we are having nora and quinn for BBQ beef sandwiches and then off to the Blue Wisp to see the Big Band.

BBQ sandwich recipe
chuck roast-trim off the disgusting edges
toss in crockpot on low
can tomato soup
BBQ sauce from bottle
some ground black pepper
add onions, garlic, other seasonings

cook on low for 6-8 hours. break apart beef with fork. serve on soft potato buns.
and finally if you are nancy, fix yourself some veggie burrito from last night because...I don't eat this stuff.

on a rant (and other appropriated momisms)

so I am a complete freak and my hands shaking because my unofficial grade reports have a C+ listed for my autism class. (is blogging about school taboo, like blogging about work? I don't really care I am going to do it anyway) This class was a serious waste of my time. One of those experiences where I felt like I had the book knowledge before I entered and I wish these doctorates of education and their twittering teaching assistants would try to find some actual real life knowledge to impart. Well, there were several guest speakers some useful (real life classroom techniques) some painful (alternative therapies-now don't get me wrong I love homeopathy but again do I need a 45 slide powerpoint? or can I just read about them online? especially when it is acknowledged that you are not a medical professional and you don't want to pass on your opinions then you do through anecdotal stories of your adult autistic cute almost right up there with another prof. who has been known to show a video from the cancelled [thank god] tv show "it's a miracle" prefaced by the statement that if this doesn't make you cry then you should be going into special ed. look buddy it doesn't make me cry and that is exactly why I should be going into special ed. to kick the ass of all you pansies who spend the day oohing ahhing and having a pity party with the CP kids. I'm here to kick some ass get it.[yikes long parenthetical rant])
so needless to say I am throat chokingly angry at the audacity of this prof. who did not give us any grades this quarter or provide us with any feedback. this is a college of education, doesn't that seem like the exact opposite of what they should be "modeling" (in teacher speak)

Sunday, March 20, 2005


did I tell you I have putting up the books I am reading on xanga? well now that I am in spring break for real I am plowing through the novels.
check out this site for the details with amazon links

also please leave me any suggestions
I will be off to the library tomorrow.

also let me know if you want any I will stick them in the mail when I am through or walk them over if you are in cincinnati.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

hi mom!

so I just got an email from my mom
asking me what blogs were because they had been all over the news and she felt like it was getting to be ubiquitous and she felt out of the loop for not knowing.
I must be in a weird mood.
I told her what they were and told her I would send her some links to ones she might find amusing. Then with little thought I sent her a link to mine.
Hello MOM!
everyone say hey to my mom-everyone being my ~5 friends who check this out occasionally.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

jolly rancher

my brain is much too fried to write anything real

here are some things:
-my car smells like a watermelon jolly rancher (if you would like your car to smell similarly send me an email and your address and I will send you a leaf that smells uncannily like a jolly rancher)
-michael and I cleaned out junk from the whole apartment (it is bad when he promotes my weekend procrastination) 4 bags of clothes and house stuff out to the goodwill
-still have one more final to write (I hope I can pull it off tomorrow afterwork and make it worth handing in so that I don't have to take and incomplete and feel guilt the entire time I am in Michigan)
-I am going to Michigan for spring break (who the hell goes to Michigan for springbreak? apparently I tastings, massages, and a cheesy looking B&B[yay a floral motif])
-I wish I had friends near here to go over to their houses and sit on their couches and moan when I am feeling as Bleh as I have been feeling all week.
-you know you are pathetic when an 85% on a paper that you spent no time writing is enough to bum out your whole afternoon-how pathetic (when did I switch from the blase student I was to the anal retentive freak I am? I missed that switch I bet that it happened about the same time as the purchase of the itchy wool waist pants...ugh)
-I ditched the sad looking cilantro, but the other herbs are doing well, and tasting lovely in my dinners. (Michael bought me a new cilantro that is just as sad as my old one or maybe worse...its the though that counts and all that....maybe I will chop up the entire thing while it is still green and use it before I kill it ...not that it has much further to go.

Friday, March 11, 2005


stupid thing is broken and people can't leave comments
don't know why
but if you love me remember that I am entering finals week and send me some love.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005


tonight when I got home from class I ran the tub and grabbed one of the books amy sent me so that I could relax for a couple minutes in the bath. I didn't want anything too brainy so I thought a novel would do me some good for a couple minutes. amy, apparently the post it note you affixed to the jodi picoult book ...not the sister one the one about the murder suicide... well even the post it note clearly marked this book sucks! could not dissuade me. I must be leaking brain cells from my ears because I also saw a blue tag on the book that proclaimed this book will soon be a Lifetime movie. and still I thought it might be just what I needed to come down after a 2 1/2 hour class on early language development. I read about 3-4 pages in before it got so bad I had to stop. Then I flipped to the last page to see how it ended. then I flipped around in the middle to see if I could find a point of reason somewhere in the plot. The only thing I could find was a brief mention of the girl's depression and how the boy knew she was a cutter, after she came to him, after he knocked up the blond cantaloupe breasted cheerleader... ugh. I feel dumber having spent 5 minutes of my life with that book in my hand. I can't give it to anyone now and I feel bad even bringing it to the goodwill. I think it might have to just go right in the trash. If I don't set fire to it on the stove. Well, It was a good incentive to get back to writing papers.

p.s. the other jodi picoult book was not nearly this offensive. even though the 13 year old thought in a very metaphoric manner that did not ring true to me for someone 13. also killing her off was such a 13 year old way to get an ending out. it is something we would have done in the books we started to write at 12. the ones about the kids at the beach. we could have written summerland or the OC but with tweens. but what do I know. I'm sped.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

the only good thing...

about my weekend thus far is that I bought (rather Michael bought for me) 5 herbs that are growing in pots. I now am the proud owner of a sage, a parsley, a chive, a oregano, and a very sad looking cilantro. I am highly disappointed in the sad state of the cilantro as it is my new favorite herb. (this can be atested to by the folks who watched me lick the bowl of Nora's yummy guacomole last night just so I could savor some more cilantroey goodness. Also how cool are friends that make guacomole,salad with apples, strawberries, onions, and a balsamic-ricotta dressing, paella, and bananas foster on a friday night. Nora and Quinn rock my world.
Matthew just remains a puzzle. Anyone that after a couple glasses of wine spontaneously jumps up and says "lets do charades" and proceeds to get the members of the household to get the charade "The 2nd law of thermodynamics" in less than 3 minutes, is probably not from this planet. What remains is the concept that he hates mimes (or professes to) as much as the rest of us, and yet later in the evening he roused us again figure out the charade "Planet of the Apes 5: Battle for the Planet of the Apes". I can't even begin to think about how his brain works...only that I am glad there is someone like him in the world (even though one is enough)

wish me luck on my herbs. I really don't have any sunlight here and I give little hope to the cilantro.

also who the hell plays charades anymore. I felt like a dickens character.