Tuesday, October 25, 2005


I will always be a total nerd because of the extreme stress reduction and satisfaction I get from color coding my calendar. Each project, class, activity has its own color and the more heinous the task the uglier the color.

other stuff:
I broke my glasses at about 11:30pm last night and then spent 1/2 hour trying to glue them back together and wishing that the screw had not snapped in half, so I could do the nerdy pin or paperclip fix. (new glasses pics to come when I am motivated to upload the tons of I have stored on the camera)

Sunday, October 16, 2005

beer pong and the nytimes

Joshua sent this link to the NY times article on BEER PONG. He seems to think the Bloomsburg folks are trendsetters, and who knows this may be true. I have been living in Ohio for a little over two years. When we first moved here Michael and I would sit on the stoop with a drink. Michael would lament the lack of organized drinking games in Cincinnati. Then we would watch people play corn hole and shake our heads sadly. Yet, just this fall Michael has had the opportunity to play several games of beer pong. Was it always right here in sad fraternity parties just blocks from our apartment? Or is the trend spreading thanks to a snazzy new bud marketing campaign to promote binge (water) drinking?
Oh and about the article, I thought it was funny that the author didn't mention one state university. I also thought that Edward 40-hands was some sort of OSU joke. And finally I have never played "flippy cup" only flip cup, and maybe that is regional thing, but there is no need to make drinking all cutesy-like and start adding -y's, makes me think of sippy cups.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Feeling down?*

Here's a winner of a site to cheer you up The Death Psychic
here is what I was foretold...
Being depressed with life in general, you commit suicide by driving into oncoming traffic on the highway.

I like to think that if I felt suicidal I would still think of those innocent other drivers and find some more private way to die, but if you find yourself very unhappy with your psychic death you can revisit and change how you type in your name and get a new one. Lucky you, so many fun ways to die. I think my second try if you are curious revealed an asphyxiation from an unknown food allergy.

*thanks to Jerry's my space bulletin for the link.
** thanks to blogger for trying to suggest jerky in place of the name Jerry.

Monday, October 10, 2005

mmm pickles and chips

Weddings make people crazy---its true and its a mom quote to boot.
my solution? be gone homework, I will spend the evening eating pickles and chips and watching an episode of the tv show, Wife Swap. In this one, a nature mommy switches places with a pageant mommy. Its horrible. I am loving it. wedding craziness? nothing a little bad tv can't fix. (keep in mind I don't have cable or else I would be watching some iron chef or something else suitable that is not on network tv.)
mmm, let me make another pickle and chip sandwich. yum.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

too tired to redo

So I wrote this long worthless post bemoaning my recent closet purge of all tight pants and now wondering what to do seeing as how I have mysteriously lost my stomach bulge without exercising (except for that 1/4 mile I ran and bragged about in an earlier post) Now I am extolling the virtues of the drawstring waist pants and thinking about having a wine and pasta party to make it up to myself. Blogger went down 5 minutes before I hit post and all was lost BOO! You should be happy you missed the long version, even I was bored.
then there was a part about how my students can't read and how it seems to be rubbing off on me, but I'm sure I'll get to that later.
2. There is a little girl in one of my reading groups, who can't read (surprised right?). She does (unlike her little squirmy friends pay some attention to the book) When I ask questions about the story, she raises her hand and mostly answers correctly by looking at the pictures. This is a great beginning reading strategy that I want the other group members to learn. So I ask her "How did you know that?" her standard answer "Because I'm so smart." (sound like anyone we know? I'm looking at you amy marie). Then I have to add, "and you looked at the picture" doesn't work quite as well as I'd hoped.