Thursday, November 01, 2007


People that write these things seem to be doing a thing where they post everyday in November. I pretty much stopped writing on here so maybe that type of thing will be the impetus to get me going. I stopped writing because my job in many ways is sucking. The nature of my job makes most of the sucking confidential or at the very least wildly inappropriate to complain about in an online forum. Lucky for me I have some fabulous co-workers who seem to be endlessly supportive in listening to me bitch. Wow, now I feel like they deserve some cookies. Or maybe some margaritas.
As for the job, the kids are great, very cute, and snotty (in a nasal drainage sort of way not in an uppity sort of way). From them I received the gift of a horrific stomach virus. Very fast way to lose ten pounds, eat nothing but Gatorade for 4 days, then have a saltine cracker. This will make you very weak and lazy, but bored to tears. If you are me you will be taunted by unopened cans of paint for the living room. You will need to paint at least one wall. This is accomplished by painting 1'x1' sections and then resting on the couch to admire each section for 10 minutes. But then Michael helped me with the other walls.
This is very rambly. This Sunday is my birthday. I am going to San Diego. It will be good. My expectations for good are low. Nice hotel sheets, cable, wine, and sleeping in. I think Michael and Bart will want to go outside the hotel. I may consider this option. Tonight, I am looking forward to some delicious ginger chicken from my favorite Thai place, and drinking one of these gingerades, must be in a ginger mood. Finally, wah my throat is sore.

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