Saturday, April 23, 2005

Angelique's story (so far)

This is a link to Angelique's blog, where she recently wrote an amazing post detailing the death of her sister. She is a very good writer. She uses lots more punctuation then I do. She is strong and amazing and I anxiously await more posts like this one that give such a clear view into a moment of her life. I am continually impressed by her resilience. I think that her skill as a writer and her astonishing story will make a wonderful book that could help so many others that have experienced the death of a sibling. If you read her story leave some comments so she realizes this is not just me gushing (you know how you never really trust your mom when she tells you how cute you are ...this seems like that).

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


I have been kind of stuck on writing something new since I read Angelique's last blog. I would like to link to it, but I feel like it is important to talk to her about that first. Since I haven't been able to talk to her about that, I am stuck trying to come up with something of my own to write about. So instead of posting on one thing, here are some exciting bullet points for your perusal:
  • I updated my xanga with the books I am reading now. I can't wait to have free time to read books for fun, and a not always spend free time reading blogs and feeling guilty for procrastinating, or reading books and articles that make my brain hurt.
  • my personal soundtrack has been so skippy and finicky lately that I can't really post about it. Like right now I have that song from eternal sunshine of the spotless mind in my head and earlier today I was fading from destiny's child to paul simon to random bits of musical theater.
  • I spent 1/2 an hour at work today waiting in the lobby to greet the board members (which means I open the door so that they are not locked out because my company decided (before I arrived) that a front desk receptionist was unnecessary. Unnecessary for everyone but board members apparently, because they are special.)
  • I am told that everyone I work with loves me, because I will do anything. (no not really anything but it seems I give off an easy going vibe--yes Michael you can laugh now...) It is easy to be this person when you only work part time at a job that you know you will be leaving in 4 months. Or as Dave used to say when I was an angry preteen fighting with the parents "just say sure" this is a good life rule ...then go do whatever you were going to do to begin with.
  • last night on the walk home from campus I had strong will power, and even with my full wallet, walked past Joey's del and did not buy chips and wine. Unfortunately, or possibly fortunately, I was bragging to Michael about my will power when we walked past and he stopped and grabbed my arm and dragged me back to the store to make said purchase. (note to wine does not taste yummy with sour cream and onion pringles)
  • finally I cannot recall where I originally found the link to this but I know at least one person that reads this will enjoy sesame street memories.
p.s. I read this a little and added some commas for good measure, not a lot but some, do you like them?

Thursday, April 14, 2005

wcpo can suck it.

I stay in to watch bad television because I am not ready for a night of music geeks with the possibility of a performance of "in C" (you would stay in too). There is nothing on my pitiful cable but I settle for channel surfing and a this old house episode. Then I click to my local ABC affiliate WCPO. They taunt me with the teaser for Extreme Makeover their youngest candidate yet. I am thrilled with the prospect of televised humiliation, operations and possible something more interesting than nose jobs like a cleft palate or something good. This is immediately squelched by a voice over that tells me Extreme Makeover will not be on until 1:35am because of special programming. The special programming is something about Billy Graham. I am seriously ashamed to have written so much about this already. first I admit I watch tv as spectacularly bad as Extreme Makeover (just when nothing better is on) then I have to talk about the conservative midwest world that I am subjected to living in and now because of my own schooling. why why why do I live in Cincinnati? The land of paid programming of a religious nature during prime time. please save me. I am trapped between performance art minimalist music and religious programming.


suddenly I am dying for some of those nasty yummy little potato crispy things they sell for breakfast at hardees or BK or something like that. mmm greasy salty potato goodness. not having any money in my wallet is a good deterrent for this type of awful craving.

*I'm not prone to exaggeration or anything.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

not motivated to post chicken salad

in lieu of writing anything real here is the tasty chicken salad I made yesterday
3 chicken breasts seasoned and baked for ~ 20 minutes then chilled then chopped into bite size cubes
2 celery stalks
1/2 reg. size onion
chop very fine (just fine don't mince you still want it to be crispy
green apple -core and dice
green grapes-halve or if they are huge you can cut them smaller
handful of walnuts

mix in a large bowl with a scoop of mayo, a squirt of spicy brown mustard, a scoop of sourcream, a squeeze of lemon juice, a little salt, and some ground pepper. add just enough mayo to make it moist and not white and mushy. add just a little bit of mustard and a dab of sourcream to add some tang. my mom adds dill but I would not do that with the fruits primarily grapes cause the idea skeeves me out. Michael made this last time and added raisins. It seemed like a good idea at the time but this too is nasty, unless you are michael in which case you have warped tastebuds that cannot be trusted.

enjoy...and remember if you try a recipe, tell me how it goes so I can make any adjustments.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

you know

when you are at a restaurant, out with friends or at a party...and things are going so nice, and someone keeps your glass filled a little higher than you would normally fill with cabernet sauvignon, and keeps it filled often, without that little breather or water break you think of taking. instead of water you drink beer cause mmm, beer is refreshing. all is well and you feel fine. that is until you are home sitting on your own couch, looking into your own refrigerator, pouring yourself a big glass of water, then you realize that your lips feel tingly and warm and maybe you drank more than you had thought. the nice warm buzz hits you at 1am when you were just preparing to go to bed. maybe this was there before but the new environment, and the interesting company, and your crazy talking self made the distance seem hazy between the fuzzy drinking you, and the sober eating you.
I have such a mouth that I sometimes would rather blame the alcohol for my tendency to tell silly stories or make blunt comments, but really they happen before my first sip. I am me, blunt and honest without any drink. That is why I told my professor exactly what I thought of her class, and that is why I often dwell later on the things I said, or others said, the tone of voice, the inflection and glance associated with every phrase. The wine this evening just adds a glow of warm contentment to my night with friends, but the conversation has not been altered.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005 is so good

I feel that the post below did not adequately describe the goodness that is these noodles. you read it and you think oh, noodles, cold, mmm hmmm. but really I just ate some for lunch and it is just getting better. so tasty so fresh. not too spicy, in fact could maybe be spicier. the walnuts mmm just right. so truthfully you should make this and tell me if you agree. or if you are lazy you should come over and I will make it for you. just bring wine.


last night I made a cold noodle dish. fitting because the weather has been stunning. I only know this from the brief moments I have outside between work and class but still it feels different and it is nice to have the windows open in the apartment.
so this is the first time I made this dish it needs a lot of tweaking but I thought I would share it for feedback early on. as always it is a conglomeration of food I had in the fridge and recipes I glanced through and ideas from noodles I had at restaurants. My first reaction is that I need to make the sauce faster next time so it doesn't reduce so much. also it could be less spicy but that is a matter of opinion. I am just afraid that it will get spicer over the next couple days in the fridge.
so here goes.
1 pkg. tempeh-cut into cubes
oil (I used combo peanut and sunflower it would be good to use sesame I think but I didnt have any)
fry the tempeh til crispy brown, season with cayenne, salt & pepper
boil a bunch of spaghetti or some other noodle. drain it.
let the oil cool a little and saute
some mushrooms and crushed chopped garlic
add, soy sauce, roasted red pepper, chopped ginger and lime juice and rice wine vinegar
mix/melt in spoonful of tahini, spoonful of peanut butter, I had the crunchy kind,
chop up
a red pepper
green onions
fresh cilantro/parsley
dump pasta and chopped veggies into the pan and mix. top with tempeh and any kind of chopped nut you have on hand I had walnuts. also I added some crushed red pepper.
this sounds more complicated than it is.
it really just requires I bunch of ingredients.
all the ingredients are kind of random as I was using up veggies from my fridge.
let me know what you think or if you have any questions or if you want me to try to make up some specific quantities to make for easier cooking. likewise if you want it set up in a traditional recipe format.
if you live in cincinnati, let me know if you want to come over and try some because I made a lot and michael is driving to florida this afternoon.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

why it is good I don't have more cable

I just spent the last 10 no maybe 15 minutes watching a tv show on E! that I am too embarrassed to speak of directly. I can't write more because I must fill my life with more mindless drivel and perhaps some wine and cheesy snacks.

while watching tv I saw a commercial for something like craft corner death match on the Style Channel. that's so wrong, but can be listed with many other reasons why it is good I have very basic cable. I talk marxism but I ooze consumerism as I sit on the couch admiring my newly swiffered hardwood floors.