Monday, August 14, 2006

all about me (the title of the wall paper bound book I made in 2nd grade)

I just moved to L.A. I am trying to be a teacher (just finished a degree and certification in a different state). I am getting married in October. I love wine. I like to cook and watch other people cook, (at home and on TV.), my fiancé is a composer, musician, film scorer, and generally just the nicest person ever, I am much more cynical, and not as talented. I read all the time. I like babies. I love to go to the beach, but I am obsessed with sunscreen (even so I still burn, just in odd patches that I miss), I tried to cut down on book reading while I was in graduate school and consequently got obsessed with blog reading when I was supposed to be writing papers. I really love good conversation, but I talk a lot so I may intimidate or annoy you but it is just in my excitement to get the words out. I am kind of computer geeky as far as my family is concerned but really I know nothing as far as the real world is concerned. Lucky me, the (elementary) education world is as clueless as my family so I am still a girl genius on the Microsoft Word. I am currently watching Iron Chef America (which totally sucks compared to the original) and the secret ingredient is puff pastry, this is an incredibly lame secret ingredient because everything tastes fantastic in a buttery flaky puff pastry. Also I think the chefs know the "secret" ahead of time and that is pretty lame. I went to college (undergrad) for biology and got many bad grades and then completed an art degree (in only four years yay me!) Ultimately this did not make me competitively employable. Lucky for me I could type and alphabetize and I spent about 4 years as a very educated secretary (ahem, adminstrative assistant/office/sales manager--doesn't it make you feel better to have the word manager in your title? no.) I made the most money doing grunt filing work at a pharmaceutical company. I got many paper cuts and lost many brain cells to alcohol and boredom. Eventually I decided I should work at something more worthwhile that didn't make my soul hurt with the uselessness of it all. I still paint (sometimes). I don't do ceramics or sculpture any longer because I don't have the space or money. It is way past my bedtime. This should all stay true for a while so I won't have to update (I don't think) other than to change the word fiancé to husband. This makes me happy. I hate the word fiancé (maybe the dingo ate your fiancé!) Wish me luck this fall 13 small 5 and 6 year olds may crush my will to live.

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