Thursday, November 15, 2007

no shoe

A record day in my second year of teaching special education, today I sent home my youngest student, my only Kindergartner, with only one shoe. Yes, you read that correctly. He came to school with two and I sent him home with one. Lucky for me the Mom seemed amused when we called to tell her that this occurred about 10 minutes before the end of the school day. I hope she can continue to laugh because I have no idea where the other shoe is. This is not my first lost shoe of the year. Another child had lost shoes during a fire drill earlier in the year. Those shoes however, where inside my classroom and had to be somewhere inside my classroom and where eventually located. This new missing shoe is possibly somewhere in the ivy covered hill on the other side of the fence from our playground.
While I was in the school office to make some copies to go home and I warned the office manager that I had lost a shoe and apologized in advance for any parent phone calls she needed to field in this vein. Another office staff member told me excitedly that the head custodian had found a shoe. "Really!" I exclaimed as I briefly felt relief from our Kindergarten APB on the shoe search. "Yes" she said, "He found it on the lower playground around 9:00 this morning" I said "Wait a minute I may be negligent on the shoe matter but I'm not that bad, he had his shoes until 2:30pm"
In my defense this kid loves to take his shoes off, and though I have been told differently when I commented about playground observation on another blog, it is damn near impossible to see every child every minute on the playground. The consensus is my shoe taker offer, walked out of his shoes in typical fashion and another group of 5 year olds found a shoe to play with, a shoe that may have or may not have gone over the fence. The other little ones that play with my special needs boy spend some time after recess digging in the playground sand and tracking shoe prints to try to locate the little guys shoes. They are the best.


Angelique said...

Never had lost shoes while working at the after school program, but we did have lost underwear on swim days at summer camp. Then no one would claim any found underwear because it was too embarrassing. I wonder how many kids were going commando.

Deborah said...

I love that the mom was amused. I know I would have been.
You have inspired me to post on my own blog finally, though I don't think I will do the daily thing, as your life is way more exciting than mine. Anyway...I like the daily posting thing.
Love you and miss you!

Anonymous said...

Great story. I can empathize with your student, as I've lost more than one pair of shoes. Take off shoes on beach, ocean comes in, shoes go away. Ah well. Love you and miss you. Happy Thanksgiving!