Monday, May 30, 2005

Why I don't really go to the movies these days

So the deal is, we have lots of free movie tickets to the local multicineplex. I am disappointed in movies these days and never want to go. This weekend I promised Michael I would go but kept putting it off. Finally we decide to go with friends to see Start Wars. When we got to the theater we could not get in with our free passes because there is some rule about not using the free passes until movies like Sith that are supposed to be huge blockbuster must make real money or something I don't know. It took us almost a ten minute conversation of not wanting to see the only other two movies at the 18 plex. (Really each movie is playing on multiple screens so there are only about 2 movies playing you can go every 15 minutes.) Before someone suggested we just use the free passes to get tickets to another movie and go see Sith anyway. Really it is 11:30pm on a Sunday, there is no one at the theater anyway, who cares? Smarty pants.
So here is my take on the movie in a condensed manner. I have read so many reviews of this movie that I will only say the super girly things:
-What kind of shoes do jedi's wear and who gets to pick those out?
-Padme, the costume designer's dream come true after suffering through all those jedi robes and shoes....oooohhh, girly hair and and new dressy accessories each scene.
what is up with going to bed in the pearl sleeve dress with the full eyemakeup and lip gloss? Who does that?
giving birth to HUGE twins that look about 3 months old, when you look about 5 months pregnant.
also there was lots of war and saber fights and people flying places and some sort of political commentary blah blah blah.
I can't wait to use up these free passes, so I can feel better about walking down to the local theater and paying to see an independent film that I really want to see.


Kate said...

Also... can we get Padme a book or something to be doing the beat before Anakin walks into the room. She is justing sitting there with a blank look in all of their scenes together. She was a queen and a senator for gods sake why is she just staring off into space all the time?

nancy said...

seriously, that is a huge point that I completely missed pointing out. She is totally vacant. I guess she needs to concentrate on making HUGE babies all the time.