Wednesday, May 25, 2005

summer resolutions

So, while I enjoy this new creative wave and quietly wait to be able to act on it until after the quarter ends and my papers and projects are complete, I am feeling needless stress about school work and the state of the world. Today I combated it with company, first in class and then Alyssa came by for yummy sandwiches (recipe to follow) and she brought brownies.

I am thinking of some summer resolutions and that may be strange, but I think I normally make some mental resolutions everything I see change in my life. Sometimes I have them at the beginning of every week when I think tomorrow, tomorrow is the day I get up early and exercise and eat breakfast before work, maybe even iron a shirt to wear...yeah that never happens. I have mixed feelings about writing down some changes I would like to make here, but there is a possibility that by writing them down they will become more real. First things first, I am too grounded and boring and all about debt reduction and we will not be getting Ipods --yet. But I am thinking of putting myself on a behavior plan of sorts (see the sp.ed. program at work) and using a mini Ipod as a reward for exercising. I bought some yoga videos on Amazon so this means I can do some exercise without even leaving the house. Also, I ran into the lovely Julianna today. She is surprisingly still interested in doing Saturday morning yoga with me. (surprisingly because last time we did yoga I was a big wimp and could barely move and then got a cramp in my tricep --I didn't even know you could get a cramp in your tricep). So while this may be too out there, other plans for the summer include the possibility of piano lessons with Michelle and voice lessons with Caitlin. hmm this seems like a lot but add to this, various painting and computer like arts and maybe even some loobylu type softies it looks to me like my summer of only working part time is pretty busy. The only thing I left off was starting my master's portfolio ugh. but I definitely need to take a break from the program cause it is making me feel crazy, at least until July.

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