Sunday, May 01, 2005

at long last

haven't posted in a while, the immensity of Angelique's writing made me kind of quiet for a while. also I wanted to make sure everyone got a chance to read her stuff.

so now I am back to my trivialities. this weekend has been nice and relaxing. I have school work to do, as usual, but nothing is due immediately so I am resting up for the next crisis of due dates. I have been so busy lately that I don't notice the things around me. so on friday I went shopping (thanks to some support from mom and dad) and got some clothes so that I can feel less like a homeless person that just wandered into my cubicle at work. Friday I had a morning clothing crisis that ended up with me wearing clothes that made me feel awkward all day. I don't know if you have ever experienced this but my shirt was too short, my skirt too big and when I looked down at my jacket I realized their was a nice food stain on the front. ack! I felt like one of the kids at school. so it was good to go out friday and get some clothes that fit, without stains or any weird shrinking yet. at the gap I tried on a jacket that I did not realize was three quarter sleeve. I hate three quarter sleeve, possibly stemming from my murphy arms and the fact that most normal sleeves leave me looking limby and awkward. makes me think of the Simpsons episode. Remember, Milhouse and the flood pants? yeah, thats me.
moving on....
saturday michael and I went to see The Interpreter
it was good because I haven't been to the movies in a while but I am picky about plausible story lines and creating a drama without just handing it over to the viewer, so there were some points that bugged me. I'll save the complaining because I hate to ruin movies for people who can turn off that analytical thinking and enjoy the story, by pointing out the parts that bothered me. who am I kidding? just highlight the next part the text is in white. I do have to say that it was mostly good until about the last 4 lines of dialogue, which were so poorly written even Sean Penn couldn't save it. He has a couple of lines like that bad. Also I saw an interview on TV with Nicole Kidman talking about the writers deciding her character should play an instrument, the cello. Nicole says "oh not the cello, how about the flute" what a poor decision. totally unnecessary for the character and crushing to the plot. oh, I overheard the plot of an assassination because I needed to go upstairs to get my flutes, they are too heavy to carry boohoo. I live 2 blocks from a music conservatory, the flute a small black case you toss into a bag. not a huge hulking canvas tote filled with loose instruments parts and mishmashed sheet music. A cello, hulking instrument to carry, too big to fit in a purse, something you wouldn't want to haul up and downstairs a couple times a day (right nora?) alright enough of my cello rant.

today, pathetic but now infinitely cooler me, finally went to the big library on campus (my first time for those of you counting I have been going to school here for over a year. full time, including summer.) Prior to this I have been ordering books online and having them delivered to the library near my building, it doesn't get much lazier than that. but also, not much more truly time saving for my hectic life.

Finally Congratulations!
to Deborah, Keith, and Cecilia on the birth of new baby Sophia.


Angelique said...

I love the invisible text. I read it because I hardly ever go to the movies. Zach gets them from the library after they've been out for a year, so by then I forget what I've heard about it. Sounds like the flute was a disaster. Congratulations Deborah and family!

Amy said...

Congratulations, Deborah! Hope mother, child, father, and sister are all doing well!

Anonymous said...

congrats everybody!

nancee- i need to get ahold of you to see if you're coming to the derby this weekend. i would love it if you could!!! we're leaving either friday night or sat morning. -nora

nancy said...

angelique-if you come to visit me, we will go to the movies cause we have lots of free tickets.

sorry nora-we will have good times this summer when school is not trying to choke me.