Monday, May 23, 2005

learning new tricks

I am feeling highly creative lately and more so everytime I look at this blog
I hope this summer I use my free time productively and start doing cool things things.
I am not smart enough (or maybe I don't have the time to upload enough) but a few of my painting are still up on this site.
Spending time to do the three city scapes for Matthew's recital probably was the kick start to my creative wave.
Unfortunately, while I am having these creative bursts I need to actually stay grounded and finish my papers and projects. so much work so little time.
I am feeling okay about getting everything done so I hope the good vibes continue. I am also feeling super happy about a bunch of other things. including
  • Angelique's visit last weekend and the random foods I bought at Jungle Jim's
  • Discovering that Fairview Park is so much cooler, than the ghetto park I thought it was. if I am really cool I will take some pictures to post but right now I can't remember my flickr password and it won't tell me.
  • feeling like taking pictures of things and using them in my art.
  • Soon having the time to use scan my sketches and play with them digitally.
  • michael forging my signature today to deposit a $10 royalty check I forgot about.
  • The strong possibility of IPods in the future (maybe tonight) coming from michael's inheritance (accordions...he inherited 3 accordions so weird but apparently with high resale value and this is good as I am less likely to be subjected to accordion music.)
so if you have any IPod advice or opinions or if you would like to weigh in on which color mini I should purchase let me know.
you can also make requests for art work.
and you can still ask for a link if you would like one.

I will try to update more often so I can write an actual post that does not include bullet points.


Angelique said...

Zach and I split one of the grapefruits this morning from Jungle Jim's, and it was delicious.

nancy said...

now I have to get up early enough tomorrow to cut one up for breakfast.

Deborah said...

I am partial to the Dell jukebox actually. Keith and I have been doing research on it and the Dell is so much better. Honestly, my computer geek husband can probably tell you why better than me but anyway...
I wanted an IPOD too but Keith sold me on the Dell. What colors do the IPOD come in?

Anonymous said...

get the pink

jenB said...

i love bullet points, just so as you know. :-)

nancy said...

deborah-ew dell is yucky...I have a powerbook so I would never get a dell bleh. now I am one of those annoying mac people but whatever I know nothing about it. also click the link to see the colors
anon/amy?-I think I like pink but its too girly, I am partial to the blue or gray.
jennifer-well I am glad someone likes them, cause when I reread that last post it made me gag :)