Wednesday, May 04, 2005


so I had a bad day on tuesday, and today with some validation from my classmates I am positive that my professor is crazy and I am just an assertive girl (a.k.a. a bitch) but I don't care if assertive women are bitches and assertive men are just strong. I will keep being myself and trying to maintain a level of professionalism, even with petty, pompous, old men that I would rather kick in the head.
rant over
new one now.
on my drive home today I heard this weird captivating piano song. first you must understand that I am only in my car for about 20 minutes total a day. I am lucky to work about 10 minutes away. In the morning, I listen to the local station's NPR news and in the afternoon a CD. When the CD's get old I am often too lazy to change it or not hitting enough red lights to pick a new one out (nope I didn't get the car with the 6 CD changer and maybe that was a mistake but I am over it). So I resort to random afternoon radio. I have yet to find a station in Cincinnati worth listening to and unfortunately the local station is broadcasting the PRI show Echoes* when I drive home (for me, not usually worth listening to unless you are hip to the ambient scene and then more power to you but it generally puts me to sleep or makes me want to break something out of frustrated boredom). alas, on the radio today I hear this. a song no one should ever have to hear. with lyrics that, should you choose to click the link, I suggest you read as if reading a Dr. Seuss book.
wait that is bad, Dr. Seuss books my provide better lyrics,
ones that do not try to rhyme go with Chicago...dude you just rhymed go with go. that wasn't too hard. also what is up with the rhyming. not all song lyrics have to rhyme. are you 6 years old? AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! note: I like roadies and appreciate all their hardwork but lyrics like this make me think roadies would want to strangle the guy with some extra cords
Now, roll them cases out and lift them amps
Haul them trusses down and get 'em up them ramps
'Cause when it comes to moving me
You know you guys are the champs
But when that last guitar's been packed away
You know that I still want to play
So just make sure you've got it all set to go
Before you come for my piano
end rant 2

thanks to all who helped me feel less crazy. I will continue to be a direct speaking and constantly questioning student. who asks questions about the requirements for the final project. which at this date remains an enigma. (6 weeks into a 10 week quarter)

*the host of Echoes came into the store where Michael worked and bought a guitar for his son. I know you needed to know about his brush with PRI fame.

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Alyssa said...

Hey! Just curious if you liked the musical last night! It's ok if you don't like it, I was sort of miffed with the cast for being dumb, so I'm sort of impartial.
Also, wanna go salsa dancing monday?