Saturday, May 14, 2005

I know you know

but just a reminder that michael's master's recital is tomorrow afternoon. so all the family is coming into town. I have been cleaning because I am anal retentive that way. michael and I are both acting stressed and running around and feeling not ready. I know he has more of a right to these feelings than me, but essentially all the family stuff stresses me out. (Which is odd because everyone is very nice I just worry too much about pleasing people, and about other peoples comfort levels).
so this morning when michael decided that his head was about to explode. he said to me that this was his last recital with associated hoopla, because it just took too much effort. I said (projecting the expected hoopla associated with impending wedding) can we elope...and he said no, very quickly, leaving little room for doubt. bummer.
a lot of my stress comes from projecting, so if I learn to be more existential that would be cool. (is that something that can be learned?) Can it be learned while expecting out of town guests, preparing a reception like thing for 20+ people, having a presentation due next week, working and doing school observations, steadily falling behind on my history reading, feeling buried under the few free weekends left and the work that needs to be completed in them. I mean I have to write a lesson plan. I don't even know what that is and yet I am expecting to graduate next june with a masters degree in special education. what I am I going to do with myself this summer when I am only working part time? I think sleep. and maybe paint, and read. and also lots of nothing.
through all my stress and blah blah blah...michael and I still get along (for the most part) and I love that I made him laugh aloud last night by being sleep deprived and glib.
"can you refill water"
me no comment but I leave the office
and immediately return
"I guess I need to take the glass, unless I was thinking of bringing the water back in my hands"
he laughs
I take the glass and walk away
him-"lap, lap, lap"

I guess you had to be there.

Ferris Bueller teacher quotes
"In WHAT way.....does the authors use of ...Prison...."

"something d-o-o economics, .....voo doo economics"

finally riduculous links for you.
oprah really did a show on this? or is it some sort of joke

I loved this site in 1999 but it doesn't update as often anymore. but you can enjoy it and maybe look at some archives

amy, you were impressed when I used this peson's name as an adjective, in the spirit of dead baby jokes I give you this

I do apologize for the first and last ones but I couldn't keep it to myself.

-hey is there any rule about bibliographing links and how you found them? I think school is making me all about copyright laws, plagiarism, APA and now Turabian. (do you think bibliographing is a word?)


Anonymous said...

i love these pj pants. i hope you know i intend on gradually making them my own. `nora

nancy said...

you know nora, that makes no sense to anyone but me.

Deborah said...

What's the new look??

jenB said...

i LOVE the first ferris bueller quote. i remember the voodoo economics post, but always forget that crazy english teacher. when he draws the bars on the chalkboard. hahaha! thanks for the memory.