Wednesday, May 25, 2005

easy veggie and cheese sandwiches

12 grain bread (or any other yummy whole wheat etc. you like of the presliced variety)
thin sliced sharp cheddar cheese (the orange kind for me)
thin sliced gruyere cheese
sliced tomato
thin sliced mushrooms
baby spinach (this is something I keep in the fridge that I buy in those tubs of organic lettuces in the store)

layer sandwich with cheese and veggies, season if you so desire
heat a little dab of olive oil in a pan on medium heat
grill sandwiches in the pan panini style (squish em with your spatula or nora & quinn and deborah and keith use your fancy sandwich makers)
this is just like making a regular grilled cheese just watch the sandwich closely because you want it to get nice and golden brown but not burnt and you want the cheese to melt, so don't keep the heat too high or you will end up with burnt bread and cold cheese

eat when cheese is melty, you can melt the cheese faster by covering the sandwich with a pot lid if you don't have the fancy sandwich maker

I also made these with some whole wheat pita I just sliced in half and stuffed with the ingredients.

If you make this give me a comment to let me know how it went and if you made any changes.

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