Sunday, April 02, 2006

New Ring

Here is a picture of my new engagement ring. It came from this company that Michael found online. All very ecologically responsible of him. I realize now it is better to do the little things you can do, than cynically give in to the idea that things are so bad there is no saving them. So I love it. It is blue and wedding ring like and very comfy to wear, which was my only issue with my first ring.

Here's the up close version. I will post more tonight I finally got out the camera cord and uploaded my pictures from Christmas on. Sad isn't it. I guess I need to make a resolution about monthly uploads, that and taking the camera everywhere, because I feel desperate without it whenever something crazy or beautiful happens.

1 comment:

Granny said...

I'm so frightened of losing photos that I probably upload too often. The camera cord stays plugged in and looped behind my keyboard. If I didn't do that I'd never find it.

The dress sounds lovely and the ring is beautiful.