Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Angelique, Here is a long ago picture of you at a beach in Germany (April 2000 I think?) You are 29 today. Sort of an eh number to turn, but if you are like me you can just start telling all the old ladies you work with that you are thirty. It has been an intense year but I am so glad that we have stayed such close friends even though we haven't lived near each other since we were Junior's in high school. Remember high school? Yeah, that was lame, doesn't it make you glad you are 29 now and can do what you want to do. Go places without a hall pass. Drive your own car 9 hours to visit your friend in Cincinnati. Move to a new state. Drink beer (or wine for me) (or scotch if you prefer). Decorate your own apartment (or maybe a house sometime). Make drastic career changes and life changes and ignore the idea that you need to live your life like it is preplanned...school, marriage, baby whatever, We can keep changing our minds about what we want to be when we grow up (when is that? grown up? I was waiting for it but I don't think it happened yet, besides all the changes keep things interesting. You can live in a place where you can walk to a store and buy fresh flowers and fruit to put in a bowl in your own kitchen. Some sort of random things but the kinds of things that make me happy. Hope you have a good day and you get to go out to eat yummy food. (and chocolate cake!)

Here is the most recent picture I could find of us together. You know I love you and it is your birthday because I took the time to get rid of your red eye and I still posted the picture even though I am doing that weird taking my own picture without a timer double chin thing.
me and angelique.JPG
and here is another one from when Amy and I came to see you in Germany

and one more

***2006 update-don't amy and angelique look like babies in this picture?


Alice said...

Damn it, damn it, damn it!


Oh, yeah, and good pictures.

And happy birthday to Angelique.
Yeah, that too.


Angelique said...

Thank you so much, Nancy!! I just saw your blog this morning, a day after my birthday, and it made my day. Yesterday was a fairly miserable day, and not because I turned 29. I'm stressed about my decisions (Zach's and my decisions), but I think I'm making progress toward some good ones. I just need to ignore Zach's worries about money.
Thank you for thinking I'm "hot" Alice. I honestly never thought of myself in that way before. I always thought, cute and angelic.

alyssa said...

Aww that's cute!

On a completely different subject, I really want to have you or you and michael both over for dinner sometime soon. I would have asked you last weekend but school is eating me alive. we'll figure it out soon!