Thursday, March 30, 2006


So the news is, Michael got accepted to USC for a graduate certificate in film and television scoring. We are going to try to move to LA in July. I have so much to think about and do that I can't really think of how to start writing about it. So if you have any questions, ask me. Maybe that will get me going.

--also I really will be getting photos off my camera soon and posting some. I love my huge memory card but it makes me so lazy. I know I have about 6 short movies on there, along with hundreds of photos.


Alice said...

Firstly, congratulations Michael.

Secondly, will this in any way mean you stop Blogging? If so, then I take my first statement back and say; BAD MICHAEL! BAD MICHAEL! NO!


nora said...


nancy said...

Alice-Of course I will still write on here. I have to talk to someone while Michael spends 14 hour days writing music.