Thursday, April 20, 2006

more good things

  • Everyone that I asked to be a reference or write a reference letter is super cool and very willing to say nice things about me. Isn't that good. I can't imagine how awkward or disheartening it would be to have to wait forever to hear back from these people or hear nothing at all and have to ask again and again. But yay people are being cool. I will feel better when I find an apartment but one thing at a time and until then I will just continue my love affair with craig's list. refresh refresh refresh...still no July 1st listings.
  • I have almost completely finished the neverending whine that is my Master's portfolio
  • This week has been my Spring break from my internship and it took me until Thursday to remember how to stay up late and sleep in. Now how many days will it take me to start waking up early again?


Granny said...

Lots of good things happening. I'm glad.

Angelique said...

Congrats on being close to finished on your portfolio! I have scheduled a trip up to VT btn. May 7 and 9th. The dept. head sounds so nice and understanding. I'm anxious to meet the rest of the dept. to see if they are as nice as she is. That may clinch my decision. Okay...I really need to call you. This comment has become a post.

Alice said...

"Now how many days will it take me to start waking up early again?"

Easy to work out: count how many days it took you to get used to sleeping in later, and then double it.


Glad things are looking up for you, and hope they continue to do so.

*hugs* xxx