Thursday, April 13, 2006

something good

I hate leaving up a bad post. So this is just a placeholder to say, I am holding it together. Things are crazy but entirely manageable. It was great to go sit out in the Biergarten with Quinn and friends and not do any work last night. The weather is fantastic and if nothing else the sunlight is making my life so much easier (easier to get out of bed in the morning, easier to keep getting work done in the evening) and of course I really need to get back to writing papers now.


nora said...

haaaappynancy. that's a sweet picture. sorry i missed you guys at christy's... i was miserrrraable. better now!

Angelique said...

What a sweet picture. I promise I'll return your call soon.

Susiebadoozie said...

your freaking me out, because you look like my older sister looked when she was younger.

just popped by from alice's blog. i know what you mean about sadposts. every once in a blue moon, i do one of those, and it bugs me until i repost something happy, even if i'm not happy.

not sure what's all going on , but i hope it gets better.