Thursday, May 04, 2006

call back

Tonight, I got a phone call about a job in Pasadena. Is this a good job? I have no idea, I was so frantically sending out resumes and worrying about how I would pay rent that I didn't think too hard about what I was actually looking for. This is the first response I have received that seems to be actually interested. Other schools that sent emails just asked for my letters of recommendation (don't have them all yet) or my transcripts and credential (still in school, waiting for credential info from the state of Ohio), or to request that I get back to them when the state of California gets back to me (about a bunch of credentialing forms I have not sent in yet). The job would be working with the same little guys I work with now, but in a neighborhood school (sort of my ideal) and in a district school that would count to get my Perkins loan waived. (based on SES of school, based on free lunch ratio of kids). It is hard to make a judgment about school districts and neighborhood from the internet alone. Of course this may all be speculation but the HR person on the phone seemed very positive, and I got a another follow up call from a different school administrator that I missed, that seems pretty serious.


nora said...

yeeee haw! i'm so excited for you guys.

Speaking of cowboys, i don't have alyssa's phone number and she's invited to the derby party.

Angelique said...

That's fantastic, Nancy!