Tuesday, May 09, 2006

the last couple days

This seems supremely boring here, but I haven't been very good about writing here so I want to get a start doing more, so...

A list like update of food I ate (and drinks I drank) over the last couple of days interspersed with daily events:

Wednesday-Shadowbox with Alyssa and Trent (some cool waiter/actor or if you prefer actor/waiter totally hooked me up (beyond Michael's free tickets hook up and gave me free drinks)

nothin special, can't really remember, oh wait I already wrote a post about getting a call about a teaching job.

irritating meeting with the ABA guy where he repeats himself about 700 times in case we are too dense to get it the first ten, then silly older mellow people Cinco de Mayo party. When I told Quinn I went to a Cinco de Mayo party he asked if I helped anyone flip a car. It seems this type of thing was a problem before I moved here. This party was very adult and there were several small children in attendance. I brought Virgin Margarita's for the pregnant/nursing ladies.

Me "I think I will make virgin Margarita's for the Cinco de Mayo ."
Michael "So, just a pitcher of lime juice then."
Me "Oops, what goes in a Margarita?"
Michael "Tequila, triple sec, lime juice."
So, I bought lime-ade concentrate and added some fresh lime juice, and sugar, and the girls just rimmed their glasses in coarse salt...yum. I wanted to make guacamole but the avocados I bought weren't ripe yet.

Nora's derby party with Burgoo, wings, and Mint Juleps. I picked the winner by sight without looking at the odds. I like the number 8 and the blanket was pink.

Chinese food for brunch then, yummy, yummy Brio thanks to Trent. lobster bisque, mussels, Caesar salad, spinach and artichoke dip...by the time the entrees came I was going to explode, I wished it just came in the to go box. But the pasta (Michael's) and my crabcakes were just as tasty the next day.

class then free Chipotle for participating in a focus group for a study

I passed my ridiculous portfolio meeting. (which is akin to a masters thesis defense, but I didn't do a thesis, I did a stupid portfolio) Then I cleaned the whole apartment and made guacamole with the finally ripe avocados.

-The rent in LA is going to bankrupt me, but I can't wait for cheap and local avocados.

--I ate enough food in the last 5 days to probably make up all the weight I lost and some. Yay food. I love food.


nora said...

good blog. :) i love hearing what you are eating and drinking.

Angelique said...

Congratulations on completing your defense!! That's big news!
Zach's friend Michael was still visiting last night, which is my excuse for not calling you back. I will post about my trip soon, and I will call soon, too.