Tuesday, May 09, 2006


I love how obviously information is presented through computers on tv shows. Tonight Law and Order: SVU. Mariska, (what's her characters name in the show?update: Olivia Benson) finds an address through an internet router and it comes through as a large print pop up box.

CSI or House or one of those shows that makes use of computer animation to show the inside workings of the body-big pictures on the screen of molecules or dirt become big printed breakdowns of chemical material in laymen's terms.

Is this the computing of the future? Playskool versions of computers where everything looks like the BIG world from Super Mario Brother's 3. Is this what today's computers look like to people that used to use punch cards?


Alice said...

Whatever happens, I'm certain that in 50-100 years time if we are still here (and NOT all blown up by trigger happy government officials) people will be looking at what we use today and marvelling how we used anything so slow, ungainly and old fashioned.

Glad things are still looking up. I tried margaritas the other day and they kicked my arse and left the rest of the evening a fuzzy haze, but they tasted really nice.

So, has anything been made official yet? How are things going?

Still routing for you.

:-) xxx

Granny said...

I remember the punch cards and how wonderful I thought they were.

Sometimes I feel so old.

Good luck with the job search.