Wednesday, January 25, 2006


I am still being lazy about posting pictures. Too busy watching crappy episodes of law & order while I procrastinate my school work and try to piece together invoices for my job from an old calendar and deposit slips...mmm falsification of records (just kidding I will check with all my parents and my dated behavior logs before I print anything legal for billing/tax purposes)

This laptop will be the death of me. Remember the good old days when I would have to wander down the hall from the office to watch bad t.v. while writing papers? I would think about disabling the internet while I work if my profs weren't so enamored with blackboard and if the online article databases weren't so necessary. Maybe I need to set up some parental controls for myself. Caitlin seems to know what I am talking about, except her guilty pleasure expands beyond E! and blogs to facebook where all the (baby) undergrads hang out.


nora said...

yeah, facebook is bad. did you watch the l&o last night when they exhumed that corpse? i wasn't listening to the show, just doing some homework, and suddenly there's this green looking thing.

Angelique said...

You need to go back to old-fashioned dial up, and then you'll be so frustrated that you won't want to go on-line more than twice a week, which is what happened to me.

caitlin said...

ooooh nancy...low blow

Alice said...

Hey! "Law and Order" is important!

Not that I've ever watched it.
What is it?

And before any smart arses say "it's a show about 'law', and 'order', genius" I will pre-attack with a mature and quick-witted retort:
"Shut up!"

Yeah. That'll show 'em...