Friday, January 27, 2006

Internet shopping (alt. title: I think something happened to my brain or maybe my bank account)

Really, someone needs to take the internet away from me.
This summer I went to David's bridal and tried on wedding dresses with Caitlin and laughed a lot about Suzy average bride. I forgot about buying dresses until the moms in my life started reminding me (in a very nice way) that I might want to start looking. So procrastinating my thesis never looked easier and I started looking online to get an idea about what I might want. I drew some pictures I have some ideas, I probably need to find a good seamstress/designer.
Last night I won a bid for a j crew wedding dress on ebay. (its my back up dress, to take the edge of my insanity --cost less than $100)
Two weeks ago I paid off my credit card, ah debt free (except for those pesky school loans but those don't count)
Today I called Michael when I was on my way home from school, we talked about frozen pizza, and somehow I mentioned computers and the idea of getting Michael upgraded to an operating system that will actually allow him to run the programs he needs to do film scoring.
This afternoon, I bought Michael a new laptop, software etc. at the online apple store* (won't ship until March 3 now)

--so really its like "we" bought it with the whole combined finances, getting married thing, but truthfully when that computer ships in March he could cut and run and leave me with the bill --bastard--maybe I should start drafting a pre pre nup. hmmm. Can you do that for debt only if you don't actually have any assets. haha.

I really think I need to put down the internet and get back to clipping coupons and eating rice and beans now. Mmmm I see Ramen noodles and more $3.99 bottles of Crane Lake cab sav in my future.

*Don't worry mom I know what I am doing. The education discount is steep and we are doing well.

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