Thursday, January 19, 2006

again YAY!

So look around

Again I must point out that my blog came back thanks to blogger support person Samantha. And below I just added the crazy posts I did on my replacement blog. I am sure if I was so inclined I could figure out how to merge the two blogs but I don't care. So, sorry if I omitted your comment from those posts, I still love you (well except if you were just some crazy lasik surgery spam and then I abhor you) Now I need to go watch tv and eat chex mix.

I have been cooking up a storm so when the motivation hits me I will download a ton of pictures and give you some yummy new recipes including the one I finished off tonight. Lovely warm potato soup, so easy and good for these rainy cold days.

today was very warm. We had a fire drill at school. I got paid $30 to jump on a trampoline for two hours.

tomorrow is my last day at the elementary school, and Monday I start a new placement. I will miss my little licey kids, I know they will (eventually) learn how to read without me, but I really liked helping them.


Granny said...

All of us have lice on the brain these days.

nora said...

yay! i'm glad you got your blog back. maybe we should get together saturday night to celebrate? keep it in mind!

btw, my word verification today is 'wadwots'!

Angelique said...

I was also happy to see your original blog up and running. Sorry I've been so out of touch. I'll try to be better.