Sunday, January 29, 2006

two weekends in a row

This is the second weekend where I left the house on Saturday to go somewhere other than work. Aren't you proud of me?
Last weekend, I went salsa dancing with Alyssa and Lili. Then Michael came after work. I didn't dance very much, but standing around in high heels was enough to tire me out. I danced with Michael and not other people, not because I wasn't asked, and not because I am in one of those possessive type relationships, more because I don't really know how to salsa and my take charge personality works against me in the world of partners dancing where the man is supposed to lead. Who made that rule up? I want to spin the boy around and walk forwards sometimes, and in doing so not just step on someone's toes. So, I stuck with Michael. He is a born dancer and can make up something that looks good while I look tall and hunched over and rhythmless. I guess I should stick to types of dance that don't require me to touch other people.
Then last Sunday, (even though I was still drowning in homework) Alyssa and Trent came over to help eat all the wonderful food Michael cooked (chili and general tso's chicken and I made corn bread [we cook a lot on Sunday's for during the week, so no, that wasn't a planned menu, just a variety of foods from that afternoon])
Yesterday, Vanessa saved my butt by subbing in for an exercise class that was crazy insane and disorganized but successful to some extent. Then, nice girl that she is, she invited me to dinner with her friends. Later we went out to a smoky bar with a thumpy dj that played a variety of dance music I had not heard since college (the first time). We had fun playing an assortment of made up darts games (another thing I hadn't done since college the first time, as well evidenced by the number of darts I threw that flipped around and sort of bounced off the board). Going out to a made me miss the Joyce in Durham, where you could sit outside on the picnic benches and listen to silly Irish music and drink yummy tasting beers, while still carrying on a conversation and not being completely assaulted by smoke.
Tonight I am headed over to Nora and Quinn's for dinner. I think I will make some potato soup to bring for their friend who is recently wisdom tooth free and therefore unable to eat solid foods. mmm. potato soup. I really need to download my pictures and give you that recipe.


caitlin said...

i totally wanted to go over to nora's last night but i had to work (as usual)

do you wanna get together on wednesday?

Deborah said...

Yeah bar in Durham!! I miss you being in Durham.

EmmaSometimes said...

salsa dancing, fun! I'd love to see that potato soup recipe.

Thanks for stopping in on my blog!!


Alice said...

You should see ME dance.

Ever seen Fantasia where that Hippo does all those ballet moves??
- Like that only less graceful.

Anyhow. Loving your site so far. Didn't get around to saying thankyou for commenting on my new Blog. So, thanks!

That is one of my favourite quotes from the movie.
My VERY favourite quote conisists of four words:

*lying in a sewer covered in mud after the woman who has been trying to kill them througout the film opens fire*
ELWOOD: Who IS that girl???

Ta-ta for now!

Granny said...

I think Fantasia (the original Dance of the Hours) had a few elephants as well.

When you think of leading, remember the old story of Ginger Rogers who did everything Fred Astaire did - backward and in high heels.