Sunday, February 13, 2005

the weekend (in a nutshell)

which always makes me picture disney chip and dale chipmunks paddling down a stream in a nutshell.

Friday night I got my tax return and my paycheck and proceeded to spend gobs of money on a lovely dinner out with friends and then went to see Julianna in the play Oleanna. It was nice to do something cultural for a change, as my usual friday night consists of drinking until I fall asleep, eating junkfood and hanging out with friends (wow I love those friday nights...mmm, junk food)
Oleanna was thought provoking but with some stilted language. it would be good to read the play.

Saturday was an exciting day of scrubbing the bathroom and writing a paper on the nature of cognitive develop ( I know you wish you had my life) the high point was a trip to the grocery store where I spent even more money but have so much food to show for it in a typically american over consumer fashion.

Today: I have spent the entire day in bed. except for brief bathroom breaks and a foray into the kitchen for food (yum fresh berries in vanilla yogurt with walnuts and granola, hot tea with cream and sugar mmmm) This is not to say that I am not getting things done. Of course I am that is what the laptop is for. I have completed a powerpoint presentation on organizational methods for the child with autistic spectrum disorder and moved all of my files off of the other computers and onto this computer. The bedroom is a good place to work because there is no tv here so I am not sucked into an E! true hollywood stories and there is a door so I can block out the sounds of the movie michael is scoring (Core, it is highly exciting did you ever see it? don't)

I feel like I should get out and do more exciting things. I do live in a city even if it is Cincinnati, yet I also am coming to terms with the fact that I will never be able to complete all of my school work even if I never watch tv again.

Hope your weekends were good and filled with yummy food and drink.

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