Friday, February 04, 2005


blogger just ate a post I wrote about my torrential mood swings.
my abilities to get homework done
michael's impending family doom and possible inheritance of some accordians
how I will miss our weekend rituals
how life sucks when you don't have the food network on tv to watch while you do papers on the couch.

that sums it up.

oh and also I am on a mood swing sugar kick, Dr. Pepper and poptarts for breakfast and a twix for a post lunch snack.
tonight may warrant a break out of the emergency brownies.
do you have a box of these in your cupboard? you should.


Anonymous said...

You have inspired me to get that Butterfinger I am craving. Usually my boss has chocolate in his office, but he ran out, and I'm kinda mad at him for unrelated reasons. And this pisses me off too:

nancy said...

two things
-duh, they are catholic.
-people are afraid of mental illness, (even more than terrorists) and will do anything to "fix it" or put it far, far away from themselves (you know, they might catch it.)