Friday, March 24, 2006

we interrupt your regularly scheduled program for...

As an avid reader of my blog you may remember this post about how WCPO can suck it.
Today (again) I realize I need to leave the fine city of Cincinnati* as they interrupt my Friday television with a special news report BREAKING NEWS ( I think, who got shot?** is it near my house? like a couple blocks away?) NO! but UC has named a new basketball coach. wow. That was exciting. Definitely worth interrupting the regular programming. ***

* does the sarcasm shine through here? Do I need to italicize or faux air quote?
**the only shooting they talked about was the cross town shootout. New coach guy has never missed one. Good to hear it new coach guy.
*** also a reason why I was happy to watch Duke go down earlier this week. I get irritated by basketball obsessed universities.

Now I must go, and watch Oprah teach me how to get out of debt. And exclaim over a teenager that owns 25 VS bras. Oprah says "almost more...I mean...almost as many as I own." How is it we can take this woman seriously about debt reduction. Did you see the show where people came and shopped in her closet rejects and she gave the money to charity? When I bring my closet rejects to the Goodwill I drive away fast so I can't see them throw my stuff away.


Granny said...

Whatever you do, don't choose Fresno or anyplace close.

The sports change with the season but not much else does.

Their PBS station thinks Lawrence Welk is the epitome of tasteful programming. Fortunately, we are able to get the San Francisco station as well.

(Exaggerating but not by much). They have other things beside Welk but he's there or was the last time I looked.

Angelique said...

I share your frustrations about sports taking precendence over EVERYTHING else. Cheers from Happy Valley!

nora said...

yep, i caught that "breaking news", too. such garbage. i don't think it's as bad as UK basketball though.. those'ms BLEED BLUE for their CATS. YEEEEE HAWWWW.

nancy said...

Our public television also has a high Lawrence Welk quotient. Lucky for me I get about 5 public stations so if things are going well LW will only be on 3 of them. Unlucky for me 3 of them go all Church all the time on Sunday's and 4 of them do fund drives at the same time, then I am stuck with celtic singers interrupted by phones ringing and free tote bag offers with your monthly donation.

alyssa said...

haha, yeah I watched that episode of Oprah too. Doesn't it make you glad we know how to cook, at least?
I love those VW commercials, I can't watch them enough!

Alice said...

If I drop any of my old clothes off I tend to retreat quickly so I can't see or hear them sniggering/commenting about how fat the origional wearer must have been to not only have clothes that are size 16 but be so fat that they now do not fit therefore she us giving them away almost new...


Hey Nancy, long time no see.


Deborah said...

I was recently told that I don't get the basketball craze because I am Northern. If that is the case then I find that to be simply a bonus of being Northern.
As far as Oprah goes...I really don't think much of her at all and sometimes I feel I am the only one. I happened to say that off-handedly at work and was surprised I didn't pass out from lack of oxygen as the six ladies around me simultaneously sucked in air in total shock that I would speak out against her. Huh?