Friday, March 03, 2006


Here are the places I have been to in the U.S. I know that I have probably driven through parts of Georgia, Maine, and Connecticut but I didn't include them because I couldn't think of anything in particular about those states other than similar stretches of highway. I mean does it count to have been there if you didn't even stop?

You can create your own visited states map or if you are cooler than me you can do one for the whole world

I would do the world map too but that is just too pathetic. U.S., Canada, Germany, that is all.


Deborah said...

One day you will be a world traveler and we will all be jealous of you! :)

Granny said...

If that state sitting all by itself is Colorado, I'm curious. Did you just touch down to change planes?

My map would be bright red except for northwest and very deep south.

Plus Mexico and Canada. You're more of a world traveler than I.

Granny said...

I posted it on granny. Thanks.

Angelique said...

You've never been to MA?! That's alright, I've never been to Indiana or Illinois or Michigan.

nancy said...

A- I think I have been to MA, but like Georgia and Maine I just don't remember anything other than some highway so I am not counting it. You should invite me to the cape.
oh and yummy wine tastings in Michigan last year and a lame weekend trip to Chicago senior year of undergrad.

Granny-Its Colorado, I have a friend that lives there I have flown out to visit.

Deborah, You'll come too right? If not I will have to kidnap your daughters.

Alice said...

Places outside England I have travelled?

Wales, France...Er... Wales, France...

That's it.

There is always someone out there more depressing than oneself, believe me.

Alice said...

Whoa. Whoops.
Just to clarify, I didn't mean you were depressing. I was reading an email at the same time as posting my comment and it had the word depressing somewhere in it. I meant to mimic your word "pathetic" in a joking way, but, seemingly, I, well, didn't; I typed the wrong word instead.


I'll go now...