Thursday, April 14, 2005

wcpo can suck it.

I stay in to watch bad television because I am not ready for a night of music geeks with the possibility of a performance of "in C" (you would stay in too). There is nothing on my pitiful cable but I settle for channel surfing and a this old house episode. Then I click to my local ABC affiliate WCPO. They taunt me with the teaser for Extreme Makeover their youngest candidate yet. I am thrilled with the prospect of televised humiliation, operations and possible something more interesting than nose jobs like a cleft palate or something good. This is immediately squelched by a voice over that tells me Extreme Makeover will not be on until 1:35am because of special programming. The special programming is something about Billy Graham. I am seriously ashamed to have written so much about this already. first I admit I watch tv as spectacularly bad as Extreme Makeover (just when nothing better is on) then I have to talk about the conservative midwest world that I am subjected to living in and now because of my own schooling. why why why do I live in Cincinnati? The land of paid programming of a religious nature during prime time. please save me. I am trapped between performance art minimalist music and religious programming.

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Anonymous said...

i need something to do for the weekend.. Q's going to Macon, MO until Wednesday for his grandma's funeral.