Tuesday, July 26, 2005

things that make me kind of crazy

when the catering manager at the place we may or may not be interested for our possible beach wedding, tells my fiance that we are a little late in planning for a 2006 fall wedding. a little late!
more than a year in advance is a little late!


Deborah said...

You can thank the psycho people who reserve a place the second they start thinking they found "the one" and have been dreaming of their wedding since they were five.
So does that mean they don't have a day available in the fall of next year? I can't imagine that beach weddings are that popular in the fall.

nancy said...

we are going to meet with the guy.
michael says he sounds very nice (in a kiss ass sort of way). We have been told there is one day open in September and how does a SUNDAY wedding sound? wouldn't you like to get married on a SUNDAY. (not really)
so we will see when we get there. also he mentioned that there are two other couples looking at the open date in Sept. so whoever gave the deposit first .... AAAAHHHHHH! Seriously I haven't even seen the place. bleh.

Angelique said...

That's crazy. I guess if you're in the catering/wedding business, then that's all those people think about.

Jenna Bush said...

How about a Friday night?

nancy said...

we are currently thinking about a saturday afternoon, and it should be settled in a couple of weeks. cross your fingers or do something else ridiculous and superstitious so I can stop thinking about this (or at least this one little part.

Angelique said...


Where have you gone? I hope things are okay and that you haven't been swallowed by a huge, white tafetta wedding dress with rock candy trim!