Monday, July 18, 2005


Deborah, This is for you. Here is what Michael looks like now with his short hair. and feelin' pretty happy cause his friends came and surprised him for the a few drinks later...This picture was taken 15 days before Sophia.


Deborah said...

He does look happy!! Thank you for sharing.
By the hair was short for my wedding. Plain dress...try Cache (if you have one there) or some other kind of dress boutique. not knock looking for a dress online. I had to do the dressing shopping thing with my sister and I feel your pain. Especially the place we went to with the warehouse like dressing room (one room, 20 brides to be and their mothers/friends)which was really creepy. There was this girl next to us who had a woman with her who kept shoving her hands down the front of her dress to adjust her boobs and then after the fifth time said something like "short of a boob job nothing is going to get you in that dress" so I thought God! I would kill my mother. Then we discovered the woman just worked there and did not know the girl at all. Weird. Anyway...sorry for the babble.

nancy said...

I kind of enjoyed being ignored by the bridal consultant. That way Caitlin and I could laugh (silently) at everything in the dressing room. Earlier in the day I was at a fancy place and in the upstairs I was in one of those everyone dressing rooms, lucky me I was the only one there. no crazy boob squeezing women.