Wednesday, August 03, 2005

checking in

to say.
sorry sorry, I will write for real soon.
I have about 16 things to say and at least two new recipes.
hope I remember some of them when I have a minute to sit down and write.
until then here is the preview

recipes: zucchini for noodles lasagna
some type of paella/creole/blackbean and rice dish with shrimps and oddly enough soy chorizo (no really its good!)

  • movies (elf, yes really, donnie brasco, basquiat)
  • more wine with the girls (or drink-aid, my ghetto Kool-Aid)
  • wedding plans extravaganza (and the ease that will be brought to my life if I actually book a place on the first attempt)
  • lots of new books(Anne Lamott, cookbooks, and finally finished Love in the Time of Cholera and it took me so long to finish I think I forgot the beginning)
  • and hurray for the ipod mini (so sad I will be eating ramen noodles for the next year to make up for it)
question for the next year so keep it coming: What songs do you like to dance to? What songs make your ears bleed? I need to start creating the compilation CD's for the wedding and no worries the obvious horrors (chicken dance, macarena, electric slide) will be eliminated as will Celebrate! much to michael's dismay (because I am positive he put it on a mix tape for me before we were even really "going out". ah, remember mix tapes?)


Deborah said...

Missy Elliott's new song Lose Control. Every time I hear that song I contemplate going to a dance studio saying I am 18 and signing up for a class. They actually offer a "Funk" class at the YMCA. I tried one out and it sucked but that could be that the instructor had no business teaching dance of any kind. Now they have a new instructor so I will try it out next Wednesday. I have lots of others that I can probably just make a CD of for you but I need to know if you are deeply opposed to anything in particular.
Yippie wedding plans!
I have started my countdown to NY. One week and a day before I leave. Can't wait!

Anonymous said...


what's up? we did extensive research for our wedding CD. we ended up putting on a mix of songs we each loved, mutually loved, and one's that were romantical that we thought everyone might enjoy. Food for thought.


Sasafras said...

In Da Club
Crazy in Love
Hey Ya

Anonymous said...

and Last Night by the Strokes

nora said...

talking heads 'naive melody, this must be the place' as well as any other song from 'stop making sense' YUM!

nora said...

what the hell

nancy said...

my first blog spam nora,
but s'okay now.
I deleted.