Monday, July 11, 2005

two thoughts

Because I know I have not been posting often enough (for some) here are two evening (or early morning for some) thoughts.

while work is normally freezing cold, so much so that I bring ugly sweatshirts, sweaters or jackets and generally wear them for the entire afternoon, yesterday was insanely hot. So hot that I wanted a popsicle more than I have this entire summer.(the air conditioning was completely broken) So hot my forearms would stick to the desk as I typed reminding me of my lack of ergonomic grace. (but broken only in my part of the building) So hot I was dreaming of shorts (which I almost never wear) and wishing I had worn flip flops (talk about a fashion faux pas) to work .

Why do people in Cincinnati, grow up, go to school here and subsequently buy houses in the same neighborhood they grew up in? Is there some sort of innate draw these neighborhoods? Is this a nation/worldwide phenomena that I have somehow avoided thus far? Have I avoided it because of the neighborhood I grew up in, or is it really just that I am not an engineer, doctor, or pharmacist (the people I usually work with) and I have not yet gained the finances to buy a house anywhere near where my parents live? Is that really the goal? I know young people laugh about it here, but they do it, and seem vaguely proud and embarrassed. Strange.

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Deborah said...

First...I can send you the ceremony/vows Keith and I used for our wedding ceremony (all 10 minutes of it). I also have a book (if I can find it) that I can mail you (or bring to Bethie's wedding) of different vows and poems and stuff. I mixed and matched for our ceremony. We had a Quaker person (priest, minister?) perform our ceremony.
Second...most people on Long Island do the same thing as far as staying in or around the place they grew up. Of my countless cousins (on my dad's side) only a couple of them have actually left the island and that is mostly because they followed their parents. Dianna and I are the only ones who have left and we still get asked every time we go back to visit when we are moving back. Like Long Island is the only civilized place to live and of course we would miss it desperately and move back. Silly!