Monday, February 20, 2006

President's day off (sort of)

Yay! I didn't have to go to school today in the morning (but I did have to go to class in the evening so it wasn't technically a day off, but I accept it for what it is).
This morning Michael (with lots of coaxing over an extended period of time starting sometime last week and reaching a peak last night) convinced me to go to the gym with him. This was my first trip to the gym. (possibly my last) I hate the elliptical machine, it hurts my knees, I am also not a fan of the stationary bike but I knew that before I went. I just don't get it. In Michael's gym there is a cardio-theater where they play movies while you work out. This is still not enough to keep my mind active, I wanted a magazine too, or a book or something. I can't just do these aerobically challenging activities without something else because my brain just does not turn off and it drives me crazy. This is why I like dance, because I am so bad (and so not a kinesthetic learner) that it takes all of my energy (physical and mental) to try to make my limbs behave in a non-spastic manner. Anyway, after the cardio-theater (theatre?) I used weight lifting machines for the first time. These are less offensive than the elliptical machine everyone seems so fond of, but still sort of strange. The only one I really like is the one where you get to use your feet to push weight out, because it really stretched my hips and knees out and I needed that. Also I think my minimal amount of crunches totally put me back down a pant size that I have been slowly shrinking out of, now I need to really buy new pants. (or eat)
So to cancel out all that crazy exercising I convinced Michael to go with me to Chipotle for lunch. (we walked there, but Michael said we need to run there to even work off a bite of guacamole) My burrito has 59g of fat, and 1240 calories. That info comes from here. Now I must get back to various school writing projects that I pushed off completing on Sunday afternoon in favor of afternoon drinks a game of Scrabble (the first time I ever won against Michael) and a movie. For some reason I thought, Hey, I have off on Monday I can get that work done later, or not.

p.s. to NBC -Enough with the ice dancing already!


C.B. Po said...

Oh no Nancy Pants, Ice dancing is phenomenal. did you see all the people who fell last night? It was simply amazing. And I'm reading your blog and thinking... ah I can't wait to go back to the gym... and I've been there three times today already. yeah.

nancy said...

I didn't see them fall last night, but I did see a news teaser for it tonight "is it the ice? why are ice dancers falling on their asses all the time?!! find out tonight at 6!" I just don't understand why they do what the pairs figure skaters do without the spinning flipping in the air stuff, and more like "dancing ith celebrities or Celebrities on ice or whatever" these people are from the Surreal world I don't want to watch them.
and hey I exercise (not! I couldn't even spell exercise without help) I did buy some yoga videos this fall (unopened) and I used to dance (3 + years ago, Damn master's degree program) and I don't even want to know what you are up to at the gym. But seriously if you are swimming again I want to check it out, cause last year UC didn't even have a pool. okay I can't shut up, must decaffeinate to go to bed soon.

Anonymous said...

The Elliptical machine stinks. It tells you that you have burned twice as many calories as you actually burned.

Alice said...

Hate gyms. Swimming and walking is my thing. Slow at both of them, but steady.

I worked away on an exercise bike once for half an hour, I mean REALLY worked, highest friction setting, the lot - but the end of it I was exhausted and I had burned...3 calories.

THREE calories!


Hi again, Nancy.

Hope you enjoyed your high calorie snack. Right at this moment in time I have an overwhelming craving for strawberry Pop-Tarts, but as I am dieting and unlike you am NOT too small for my clothes (God, I wish) I shall refrain and have an apple instead.

...And yes, before you ask, it IS a Granny Smith.


C.B. Po said...

I plan on going tonight around 9p. I am suppose to meet my friend ashley. We do a lot of crazy things like side dives, pencil jumps, and the like. You are more than welcome to join us.