Wednesday, February 15, 2006

it was like it was you...but it wasn't you

I know how insufferable it is to listen to other people tell you about their dreams, "it was like I was walking, but I was floating, and I was in math class but my math teacher was really my grandma..." and so I am apologizing in advance but...
I had this dream last night that I can't shake. Lots of weird annoying dream things happened most of which I can no longer remember. Here is the obviously connected to what is bothering me not entirely subconsciously, I dreamt that the neediest kid in my class, who I agonize over daily because I feel so helpless about the situation. The mostly deaf, mostly blind boy with no language abilities etc etc. In my dream he became a woman supervisor of the program, and the explanation was something like he was there to see how we (as interns) would handle a situation like this. This being me at a complete loss for what to do with this student in a new environment where I have no control or input. In the dream it was no big deal and then we all sat down for dinner, like at a banquet. Here is where the dream becomes less of a pathetic and sad window to my soul and more shallow and pathetic window to my television addiction. Patrick Dempsey was seated at the head of the table, and a slightly younger Patrick Dempsey look-alike guy sat next to me. And Patrick Dempsey told me how good we (me and the look alike) look together. (convoluted enough for you) Thank you Grey's Anatomy.

Moving on...I did one of these Johari windows I have been reading about. Check it out here and tell me what you think of me (if you feel like it). It makes me think of one of the professors I hate, who on the first day of class always has us fill out a form wherein we must list 6 adjectives to describe ourselves. dude, I know this is for class my first three adjectives are about how smart, articulate and personable I am, what I am going to say (angry, vindictive, impatient). Whatever, check out my Johari and start one of your own so I can look at it too.

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I tried it for you but I was just guessing.