Tuesday, September 27, 2005

more food

I am enjoying this free time in my afternoon. And not having evening classes every night of the week is nice too. This evening I went running with Michael. (or more, he went running and I ran a lap and then walked 4 more) The red track on campus is very squishy. I foolishly thought my lungs would hurt and make me quit first but my knee won the race and twingingly told me to start doing my physical therapy exercise again or reap the consequences. I am taking this seriously by sitting on my butt and playing on the internet. Also tonight I made, Italian Wedding Soup, a guacamole/salsa concoction, and a tomato basil bruschetta topping. Then I made the actual bruschetta from a yummy French loaf with olive oil and real garlic.
Lots of recipes if anyone is interested I will take the time to type some up and email or post them.


nora said...

i think i have your black sweatshirt

Angelique said...

Yay for running! I hope your knee (and hip) feel better soon. BTW, I did watch Gilmore Girls last night. I'm such a sucker. It's slow moving, but it's still got my attention. I also started Yoga Monday nights. Will call soon.

Dave said...

Hey what's up? Oh, that's right I already know I read the blog. Thanks for the phone call, things are good here at baby central. Just finished watching Hotel Rwanda, which was even more uplifting than "Miracle". No wait, it was awful. Actually, beautiful and still awful. Anyway, hope your well.