Thursday, September 15, 2005

how I love this job I pay UC to attend every day...

So I've already had students sent home with lice and more throwing up, and to top it all off it seems like I make two kids cry everyday. In my defense all the sick/crawly kids are back in school. AND, its not really my fault if they cry in this situation.
unnamed 1st grader "How are you?"..."good work!"..."Get out your crayons!"..."Let's count ready 1, 2, 3..." student response, "Wahhhhh! I miss my mommy!"
Now truthfully, tell me, is that my fault.
Today, I felt like the meany meaniest teacher. Frustrated and tired of saying things like, "Get to work", "Pick up your pencil" "Now start here and write", "No, erase that, we need a BIG M not a little m", "This is your warning!". Arg, or as Caitlin and Nora would say BARG!
Yesterday was much cuter kid-wise, as are most days that I interact with students not on my roster. You know ones that are wearing clean clothes that can pronounce their R's. I am so mean, and yes, I know this is sped and truthfully I like my "poor pitiful Pearl's and Peter's"*
But really you need to know that I talk a lot of shit but I am not really bad. And usually I have patience that astounds even me. And hey, tonight I spent the evening creating a PAC-MAN board game to help my 1st graders learn to count. Because they are beyond the Hi-Ho Cherry-O game, but not yet ready to use two dice because 11 and 12 are still a mystery.**
The game is cute. I will take a picture just after I laminate it. Yes this is my life and lamination is super cool. how pathetic.

*reference of a prof. last year the opposite being, little miss princess / mr. prince
** hell sometimes 3-10 are still a mystery


caitlin said...

LOVE hi-ho cherry o

nora said...

wahhhhhhhhh miss nancy took my crayoooooooons